11 Reasons Why You Are Failing

Every one in this life wants to succeed and be an icon for many people who may be yet struggling.

People want to meet their targets even sometimes be the best in what they do in order to be recommended and have people marvel at how they could manage to achieve what others treat as an impossibility.

Before you think of helping someone to tackle his/her nagging problem, you must be able to solve your own problems first. This means that before fixing other people’s lives and issues, you ought to be fixed first (and that’s a lot) so that people can yearn to have your help.

If you are blind, your act of kindness of wanting to help in leading another blind man across a busy street will be treated acts of hypocrisy and ridiculed by onlookers.

Everybody has what it takes to succeed without much help from others but there are others who seem to be total failures in their errands. Here are some of the reasons why they end up failing in virtually every endeavour they pursue.

11 Reasons why people fail

1.    Failure to believe in their capabilities that they can make it. This may be due to a lot of reasons but the major one being low self esteem. Others may call it Eeyore syndrome.

2.    Fear:  In most cases, this scenario is masked in a list of endless reasons as to why they do not deserve to be successful.

3.   List of unresolved underlying problems and constraints in life: In most cases,  people have a lot of problems that are hidden under their faked smiles. These problems end up exploding and they steal their concentration and the vigor needed doing their endeavors.

4.   Lack of creativity and the power to utilize the available resources to turn them into greater assets for their success. In many instances, people fail to realize both physical and intellectual resources at their disposal.

5.   Failure of proper technical know-how on how to utilize realized resources. People may have all the materials and other resources required to success but they do not know how they are used.

6.   Becoming adamant regarding God’s plan and seeking your own plans: People always find fault in what God has provided for them and keep gambling to find other fraud means of acquiring what they think they deserve irrespective of what it takes even if it means risking their lives.

7.   People have yielded to bad, addictive and time wasting habits. Although you are at liberty to do anything with your life, not everything that you invest your time, resources and feelings is profitable. Other things will leave your life without no clear determination to explore newer heights.

8. Being very selfish: You must be willing to share out in order to gain more. This act of sharing leads to exchange of ideas which may give you glimpses of light towards a higher degree of success.

Shutting everything to yourself makes you a river with inlets but lacks an outlet hence its stagnant water can only be a habitat for mosquitoes and sometimes a dumping site. Make your skills and ideas known so that you can have more light from those willing to help you out.

9.   Being self-sufficient:

Others are stagnant because they act like they know everything in their field. Ignoring or avoiding to seek help makes you to be left behind because in-case you are stuck, your ego will never let you go to seek help from those who will be better informed than you are.

10.    Seeking help from the wrong people.

The world has two categories of people namely evil and good. If you always rely on inventors of evil for information, you will hardly produce or come up with anything good hence in many cases your evil mindedness will not take you far because few advocate evil in the society.

Evil leads to confusion and division which are the greatest recipe for failure.

11.  Being too mindful of what others think of you versus people getting credit.

Tune your mind on the right course and pursue it with all your efforts without yielding to any unrewarding concerns about others and their success. Remember that only the best is always given fair credit.

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