11 Tips on How to Create Converting Landing Pages

The greatest challenge that every marketer faces in online marketing is the ability to turn his/her website visitors into leads. Two of the most important assets used in this essential duty include the use of landing pages and lead capture forms.

Lead generation is done with a lot of diligence by directing visitors to better targeted pages comprising of better abilities of capturing leads at higher rates compared to other pages.

Landing pages are created to direct visitors’ attentions to specific offers by limiting any misdirection from your website. Visitors have one purpose; obtaining an offer by completing a lead capture form. It is still a challenging task to convert your visitors into leads even with a landing page.

In this article, I will take you through 11 tips on better landing page creation and optimization practices that can help you achieve this. If you will like to learn more on your own, get hold of ‘The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks and Ideas’ eBook

11 Tips On How You Can Create Better Converting Landing pages

       I.   Make sure that all the essential elements of a landing page are included

The main task to be accomplished by a landing page; also known as a “lead capture page” is the conversion of visitors either by completing a transaction or collecting the visitors contact information. In order for your landing page to meet these important transactions, it has to have the following components:

a)      A headline and properly a sub-headline.

b)      A short description summarizing the offer with an aim of clearly emphasizing on its value

c)      It is essential to have a supporting image(s)

d)     If possible, you may include testimonials or any other supporting elements

e)      A nicely displayed form responsible for capturing information from visitors.

    II.  Do not include your main navigation page

Including your main navigation page causes distraction among your clients and they may end up moving about your website by use of links hence creating lead generation friction. This may make your visitors abandon your website without converting. In order to avoid friction and increase the landing page conversion rates, do not remove your main navigation page from the landing page.

 III.  Ensure the headline of the landing page is matched with the corresponding CTA

Consistency between your call to action (CTA) and the landing page headline must be maintained. You will want your visitors to build their trust on your website right from the landing page. This trust can be seriously affected if they end up clicking on a free on your CTA only to face a catch on the landing page.

Besides this, confusion may arise if the headline on landing page does not correspond to the CTA. In a nutshell, make sure that you have eliminated all forms of confusion besides making your landing pages offer promises highlighted the CTA.

  IV.  Keep in Mind that; Less is more

At all costs, a landing page should be kept as simple as possible in order to avoid confusions and disruptions that may overwhelm visitors. White space should be embraced and all the images and texts should be kept simple and unequivocal.

     V.  Lay more emphasize on the Offer’s value

With a good choice of words, clearly describe the benefits of the offer with an aim of enticing your visitors. People are to be convinced by the value of your offer by clearly knowing what they will have to gain from it hence feel compelled to download. A good offer should address specific problems, needs and interests of people.

  VI.  Prompt Social Sharing

An important aspect you should never neglect is the incorporation of social medial buttons to help your visitors share you with other people who may be having the same interest, needs or problem.

In the choice of a social media to use, make sure to consider the most popular platform which majority of the people use. It is necessary to provide an email forwarding option because people  share information differently.

VII.   Generating more leads requires creation of more landing pages

The 2014 Marketing Benchmarks Reports by HubSpot, indicated that companies achieve an increase of 75% in their leads when they increased their landing pages from 10 to 15. This is because the increase in landing pages, offers and contents result to higher opportunities of increasing business leads.

Higher contents mean owning more appealing contents which interest more buyer personas hence increasing the conversion rates. The number of landing pages can be increased by investing in easy to use landing page creation tools, creating more offers and tweaking the already created contents to specific persona. Learn more through this blog on why it is necessary to create more landing page.

VIII.    Only ask for important information.

Many marketers are left wondering on the amount of information they should seek from their visitors. Although none can ever give you a conclusive answer pertaining to this concern, you can learn to only seek the necessary and relevant information from those visiting your landing page.

Higher conversion rates are associated with having fewer fields on the landing page because visitors do not like being overworked hence; they tend to avoid long forms. Nevertheless, more fields provide quality leads. It is a good practice to try the form yourself to determine whether it will be convenient for your visitors or it will weary them out.

  IX.   Avoid prompting “Submit”

In most cases, your visitors are torn between submitting and not submitting the form. In order to increase the conversion rate, your form button should not use the default word”Submit”.

Instead, let your button’s intention be encapsulated by a statement that displays a benefit that the visitor is meant to enjoy upon clicking the button. For instance, you can version it to “subscribe to Newsletters”. The button should be colorfully designed and made bold and big enough. It should be made like a button and above all it should be click-able.

     X.   Include Proof elements to reduce anxiety

Owing to the spam out there and other personal reasons, people are not ready and unwilling to share their personal information. In order to reduce the visitor’s anxiety, there are some features you can use to stay compelling. They include:

  • Assuring your visitors that their emails will be kept private. Your visitors may think that you have other malicious intentions with their emails like selling them or sharing them out.
  • Use security levels where sensitive information is required. You can use certifications or BBB rating to convince your visitors that their personal information will be secure.
  • In order to leverage social proof, include testimonials and customer logos. It is essential to provide customer testimonials on the offer especially if it is a free trial.

  XI.  Your forms should be made shorter

When forms appear to be very long and time consuming, many visitors will tend to avoid them. In case your form requires a lot of fields, use a styling that will make them appear shorter by adjusting the space between the fields and properly aligning titles to the left of the fields instead of putting them above them.

The purpose of this practice is to give your visitor a feeling that you are asking for less information although you are seeking a lot of information from him/her. Smart fields may be helpful in this cause as well.


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