12 Things you should be using Your Blog For. What Is A Blog Used For

Bloggers always work harder in blogging in order to earn more by spending a lot of hours behind their computers writing volumes of articles. Though this is a good way to earn more, there is a cheaper means to ensure that your business blog is doing well. You can use your time during the day to do the following in order to improve your business blog earnings.

12 tips on how to get more from your business blog without actual blogging

If you are thinking that these tips are meant to be a replacement to active blogging, you are mistaken. They are meant to complement your hard work of writing high quality voluminous contents. These tips are meant to enlighten you on what you can do to improve your blog’s performance. They include;

        i.  Tap contents from high profile sites

This works best for those over-relying on writing voluminous contents. Soliciting contents from well known and trusted guns is rewarding than having to write the contents yourself. Obtaining your contents from the high profile sites transfer some incredible guest blogger authority to you, giving you advantage in your blogging business.

With this, your guest bloggers will be easily prompted to promote your posts to their networks because the clout of your blog skyrockets. If your guest bloggers have large audience, you will be open up to more readers hence increasing your blog’s reach.

      ii.  Increase your subscribers

In order to increase your subscriber’s base, you must understand the source of your blog traffic. This is meant to increase your blog’s reach. It is evident that most traffic comes for emails among many bloggers because large chunks of people are subscribed to their blogs through emails.

This means that; your subscribers are reminded every time you make a new post and they come back to your blog. The major and important task is increasing the number of subscribers. Here are ways through which you can improve traffic to your blog:

a)      Add secondary CTAs to you individual posts and those along the sides and at the top of your blog.

b)      Incorporate a dedicated blog subscription landing page for your CTA subscriptions and to help in sharing with social media at particular times.

c)      In your sent emails, include blog subscription as one a major call to action activity.

    iii.  Past Posts should be optimized

Posts are always given catchy titles but with time as you pump in new contents, you are supposed to optimize titles of your past posts for SEO so that they continue to attract more organic value. You should understand that this is meant to attract the organic value and not necessary clicks.

     iv.  Your Call to Action should be optimized

Although you are having fun with blogging, the important aspect of it must not be lost sight of; attracting traffic and converting to leads hence eventually obtain customers. This is the reason why every post must possess a call to action which leads visitors to landing pages with an aim of converting your visitors through offers.

Owing to this, optimizing CTAs is important in order to try and covert as many visitors as you can. A/B testing can be used on blog’s CTAs in order to determine the variations of copy, layout and color is responsible for higher conversion.

       v.  CTAs on older posts should be updated

Because older posts still receive traffic as highlighted in three above, we said that we are to perform A/B testing on CTA to determine the design responsible for most leads. By combining the two and replacing the older CTA on older posts with new and better performing CTA will give you better results.

     vi.  Contents of older but popular posts should be updated

Through your analytics, find the posts that performed well but are now old and transform the oldies into goodies by brushing any accumulating dirt and giving them the debut to renew them.

This is an easy task because you are sure that their topics were a hit and they will not disappoint after doing this. In order to achieve this, you can use the following ways; first, publishing a new post and redirecting the old link to it in order to avoid loosing the SEO juice.

Second, you can achieve this by updating the existing post using fresh and new content. Both options have their pros and cons. For instance, when using the first option you will have to make sure that the redirects work properly while in the second case you will be responsible enough to ensure that every subscriber is informed about the new post. If you will be condemned by your conscience by doing this, do not try it but here is why you should think about it;

a)      It is helpful to update outdated information

b)      You are currently working with many new readers majority of which never read you post and they deserve to read it as well.

c)      There are high chances that those who read the content when you first published it have forgotten it or they have been reading a lot since you made the post hence you should think of giving them this information in a new version.

   vii.  Conduct a Topic Analysis

Conduct a thorough topic analysis to determine the topics resonating well with your readers in order ton know what to read about. Your blog analytics may be exported to spreadsheets for easier sorting of your topic categories with an aim of finding the most popular type of content that your readers love. Increase your traffic by providing what people like but do not discard the unpopular topics.

 viii.  Be social

The success of blogs depends on social media so; if you have not gone this far, optimize your blog for social media to avoid lagging behind. Both sharing buttons and social follow buttons are essential assets in increasing your social reach as well as the reach of our contents.

Furthermore, if possible, you can do better through including recommendation of social widgets to help your readers to be informed concerning the blog content which may be popular concerning their connection in the media hence earning important old social proof.

    ix.  Pages receiving most visitor clicks have to be Optimized

A growing blog will have a lot of traffic and for easy navigation; you will require to optimize mostly visited pages to avoid destructing your visitors. Design your blog properly by providing clear links and places where your visitors are to land after clicking on available links. Sometimes visitors any lose their way as they navigate hence you should build landing pages to make them feel at home when they click their links.

      x.   New offers should be tested by your Blog

Among the things you are to guard jealously is your email list. Before sending people to it, you should try them by offers in your business blog. This can be attained by letting your business be the platform for trying out new offers dedicated for generating new leads. Those that will prove good enough are worthy to be transferred to your email list. The reason for doing this is to avoid exploit your email list on people who may not be interested.

    xi.   Let your blog be the source of the contents

It is a good practice to repurpose your already created contents elsewhere. The following are the available avenues through which you may repurpose blog contents in your marketing;

The content can be used to feed your:

a)      Social media: People in your network will be driven back to your blog as a result of being linked from social media.

b)      Email sends: with this you will break from sending lead generation contents and nurturing of lead campaigns in your dedicated email.

c)      Lead generation offers: you will not be required to build contents from scratch but you will be rounding up all written posts on a specific topic and bundling the content into as offer.

d)     Sales organization: It is crucial sending all the written contents to your sales team to have all your content bookmarked in order to gain credibility with leads.

e)      Your website: past posts are important resources to use in finding terms to describe products and services which may seem difficult to name. This is because it may be possible that the description exists in the previous posts.

xii.   Your blog should be leveraged as a sales tool

Your blog is the most effective sales collateral at your disposal especially if you are into writing posts used in incorporating your services and products in your contents.

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