12 Things To Be Considered For Any Beautiful Homepage Design

According to BlogHer, 81% of the people find blogs trustworthy and convenient sources of information.  In order to keep attracting your readers, you ought to provide relevant, current, quality and well written contents.

Your homepage acts as the door to your business hence; obtaining a well designed homepage that inspires visitors to stay long enough to go through your quality content is essential.

In order to achieve the required visual attraction, effective blog design is important. The major challenge will be to strike a good balance between effective content representation and visual design. In order to solve this, here is a list of well designed blog homepages to enable you own a perfect blog. These are but a few of the 47 effectively designed blog homepage designs.

  1. PandoDaily

Its design brings into your blog a consistent color scheme besides its awesome style which is very essential in a well designed blog.  It uses three distinct font types which are sophistically unified with the blog’s skin color to present a lovable visual outlook.


  1. Design Milk

It gives you a simple layout of displaying your blog posts. Your blog visitors will enjoy using the sidebar at the right which is responsible for displaying thumbnails attracting readers to new articles. Design milk gives your blog a nice touch and feel through its social icons.


  1. Webdesigner Depot

This is one of the beautifully designed homepage with banners having bright colors and beautiful details. It uses consistent color scheme, background and fonts which makes it unique from template blogs. Above all, this makes it a professional blog that easily lures the reader to build quick trust on it.


  1. Mashable

This appears more of a professionally designed homepage that will display your homepage contents in three sections.  All your new contents will be displayed on the left section in the smallest thumbnail. Your posts will be uniquely displayed on the center section in the middle-sized thumbnail. Finally, your post will be displayed to the right.


  1. Brit + Co.

It displays a welcoming warm color scheme. The most outstanding aspect about this homepage design is that; it is clean and does not contain any clutter.  Another hot thing about this design is its ability to include the writer’s photo which enables you to introduce yourself to the readers in order to establish good rapport.


  1. Ecoki

This blog comprises of a unique and luring textured background complemented with angled headers. The most important feature about this blog is the manner in which its contents are organized in order highlight new and prominent content. Through this organization, you will not find it hard in finding other pieces of article.


  1. 500px

It has a two-column layout and a sidebar through which visual contents are showcased using thumbnails. In order to keep readers engaged in reading contents, this blog has stats, social links and other articles with relevant information on its right section.


  1. Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York

This blog has been created and given a high personal touch through the use of design elements which gives rise to a three column layout.  Its header colors and graphics have been playfully employed to give your readers a nice and beautiful reading environment.


  1. Treehugger

Learn the magic behind colors and fonts in this blog and their associated influence to turn up readers.  Its bright green bars complemented by the bold, black fonts facilitate in the popping of stories on the page.


  1. Salvation Army

This blog has a clean navigation complemented with the large slide show and colorful social button that lure readers to essential part of this blog. It makes reading of posts easy because they are strategically positioned and easily accessible. For that with misconception that nonprofit organizations do not blog, you are mistaken with this.


  1. Charity: Water

This is another proof the still moving nonprofit blogging. This blog presents high quality images besides its conspicuous red tags which inform readers of areas demanding their attention.  The social button ah been designed with a lot subtlety to avoid distracting you.


  1. Johnny Cupcakes

This blog displays proper understanding of brand consistency across channels. Its simple color scheme is lovable as it matches with used fonts; a skill which shows high possession of experience from shop.



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