5 Simple Steps In Creating A Facebook Business Page

Facebook stands out as one of the most critical asset in inbound marketing strategy hence; you should always be up to date as far as setting up business fan pages is concerned.

This applies to both large scale businesses involving rolling out of Facebook Timeline and small scale business involving new features which are rolling out. 

Through this post, your struggle to set up a Timeline in order to get going as a social network pro has come to an end because I am going to take you through a step by step procedure on how you can set up your brand oriented Facebook Timeline.

Step 1: Choosing a classification

In order to create your new Facebook page on Facebook, use this link. Once there, you will be presented with the following classifications from which you are to choose.

  • Cause of community
  • Entertainment
  • Local Business/place
  • Company/institution/Organization
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, Public figure or Band

All these classifications are meant to help you rank for both relevant searches and information fields on your pages. From the six, choose your category and fill your preferred Business name and its location.

You should be aware that you can not change your category and name once the page has been created. This will prompt you to start the whole process to a new one when this mistake is committed

Step 2: Completing Basic information

i.            Uploading photo:

You will be prompted to upload your main photo and you should be aware that it will be appearing whenever you comment on posts and news feeds. This should be the company logo and it should have 180×180 dimension.

ii.            About section:

Writing this section is important because it is your chance to describe your company in 2-3 sentences. Because it will be on your main page, make it very descriptive and compendious. This section should have a link to your website and provide information that differentiates your products.

Step 3: Using your Admin Panel

This is the main hub from where you will effectively manage your page. Through the available features and options, you should promptly manage your page and monitor it.

i.            Edit Page Option:

The first option provided is the “update info” which helps you in updating the information which you might have given earlier on your tutorial and in the “About” section.

Since users access the description after literally clicking on the “About” section, be confident in sharing lengthier and comprehensive information on this section.

Likewise also, you can utilize this option to control the roles of other invited administrators in your Facebook page.

This means that you are controlling your other administrators who are supposed to respond to comments about their function without giving them power to dominate and run your page.

Lastly, with this option, you can add page permissions and manage notifications.

ii.       Build Audience option:

As a marketer you should find a more compelling method of inviting users to your Facebook page in order to be successful.

A better strategy will be filling your page with high quality and relevant content after which you will need to invite your brand advocates with an aim of having them engage with the content.

After serious interactions, you can be inviting more fans to like you page because they can recognize it as a serious and buzzing hub. If you achieve this, you can use Facebook’s advertising tool to accomplish the rest.

Step 4: Filling the page with relevant content

i.      Cover photo:

The cover photo is an essential element in visual real estate. This cover page should have a dimension of 851X315 and its horizontal line should be creative enough to attract you prospect and immediate users.

ii.       Custom Tabs:

Facebook allows you to use limitless tabs on your page. You must be creative and decisive enough to determine what you will have on the available slots.

For those who will prefer to use third parties, keeping in mind that you are to configure your tabs to be indexed on Facebook and not the third party

iii.    Posts:

When making your posts, make sure that you have a variety of contents. Consider to provide what people will be interested in and what other links your target audience will easily click.

iv.    Monitor:

After having an effectively working Facebook fan page, it is your responsibility to monitor how your fans will be interacting with each other. You can see all the messages from your clients through the upper right of your admin panel.

Besides this, you can see the posts that are appealing to the readers and are being liked and commented through the upper left and center panel. You should be prompt in responding to your fans so that you  build better relationships and understanding with them.

Step 5: Measuring your efforts

After successfully creating and sharing a business page that represents your business, you are supposed to take a break and assess your efforts to ensure that you are committed to making better business decisions on Facebook.

Through the “view insights” located at the bottom center of your Admin panel, you will know what is doing well and what is not as far as Facebook marketing is concerned. For those who need to be perfect in Facebook content strategy marketing , you can use this tutorial to give you deeper insights.


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