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The U.S dollar is quickly sinking into deeper depths while food and gasoline prices sky-rocket making cooperate CEOs and other financial institution to give in to the claim that, the American economy is about to jump over the cliff.

This uncertain financial crisis has led to decline in purchases made by the working class while the non-working people hardly spend their money.

The U.S population is putting off larger purchases while shortening the holiday shopping list. In short, this is not encouraging especially to those willing to sell out more products to the citizens who are serving from hand to mouth.

When all this is witnessed, diversification of businesses is the only way to go in order to avoid the effects of recession. Investing in recession-proof products and services will be the best option.

This involves providing products and service that people will ever need regardless of the financial timings.

Affiliate marketers are bound to promoting these recession-proof products and services. They do this by adding the new products to their current stock or pump out content and join different affiliate programs. One decides to take up new business and do away with the past.

7 recession-proof products and services you can try

        i.  Offer Job Search services:

Unremitting employment market is overstretched during tough economy. In this state, is an increase in the number of job seekers and you can benefit from them.

What your visitors want during those periods is a website with job posting, interview preparation tips and career related advice.

Websites like Monster.com pays upon posting of new resumes and 50 cents if a visitor creates new My Monster account.

      ii.  Offering resume preparatory services:

Majority of the job-seeking visitors have failed to get an interview because either they are using out-of-date resumes or lack the experience required. The best thing one can do for them is telling them of a service that can help them improve their resume.

Refer them to professionally designed service like Employment911.com which provide market-specific services. The commission earned from Employment911.com is good enough to earn you a good start.

They pay up to a range of 12%-25% of payments. If you pick resumes on executive level positions, you are likely to pocket up to $357.90. Besides this, you can try ResumeEdge.com

iii.  Education:

When every option fails and the job search seems unrewarding, many people tend to acquire more skill and knowledge pertaining certain fields to improve their chances of securing jobs.

The search for universities, colleges and scholarship intensifies as visitors desire companies possessing affiliate programs to direct them to educational fields of their interests.

Technical certification through TechnieCert.com and improvement of acquired skills becomes mandatory hence providing room for online training. 

For those willing to flee their countries in search for greener pastures may reconsider enrolling for Language training programs.

     iv.   Selling of business information and opportunities:

When unemployment rates rise, the number of people seeking for business opportunities increase.

Those enjoying greater business success may find it rewarding teaching the novice how to succeed in business.

This is done by selling of eBooks, webinars, and podcasts containing instruction information.

Affiliates play a major role in promoting marketing tools and making of bank promoting productivity tools besides office supplies. PsPrint and Business cards are necessities of majority businesses.

       v.  Tax filling and preparation services:

Irrespective of the economic situation and timing, paying tax can not be avoided.

You can be of much help to your visitors if you can guide them through how to make more cash to spend through deduction.

There are majority of tax payers who file their federal income taxes. You can get hold of the commission oriented IRS authorized merchants. Merchants like QuickTax offers 30% commission on every product plus $69.95 tax preparation. Others include H&R Block and Turbo Tax.

     vi. Health Care provision:

In a declining economy without legislated health care for all, people will always be in need of health insurance cover while still legible to obtain one.

How can you benefit from this? eHealthInsurance.com requires hard working partners to submit insurance application at a cost.

Since you have visitors in need of health insurance plans, you will need to submit their insurance application and you will be paid $40.00 per submitted insurance application. Besides eHealthInsurance.com, Assurant Health requires partners who can lead visitors to their services. Every lead earns you $78.00.

   vii.  Reducing debt and budgeting services:

Irrespective of the niche you may be working in, people need someone to help them in consolidating debts to save more money. Get accesses to merchants offering debt consolidating and secure credit cards services.

In order to increase traffic to your site, offer contents about “money saving techniques” and teach them how to save more through these merchant services. Besides this you can, contemplate promoting “How to Own Your Paycheck Again“ by Leo Quinn.

 viii.   Consider venturing into entertainment and vices:

People have different ways to respond to financial constraints.  Others may resort to cutting down their expenses while others prefer soiling their head into different kind of entertainment.

To your mix, add theater tickets, sports and sports among other forms of entertainment. You can consider partnering with NetFlix to lead more subscribers to their sites at a fee. Every new free sign up you earn $9.00.

Recession is a period to think big and diversify your affiliate business. With clear perception and swiftness, you can turn other people’s desperation into your achievement by building a recession-proof affiliate market. You can still thrive amidst the economic struggle of a country.

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