Adding An Image To Your Blog Comments

It is usually incredible for a blogger to have his/her image next to his/her comments because it helps in branding the blogger.

When an active blogger makes quality and beneficial comments in multiple blogs, his/her face goes round the world and you become famous among different bloggers who soon or later realize not only your contributions but also your face.

It soon creates anxiety among bloggers who end up wishing to know more about you. The image is your avatar and if you managed to watch the avatar movie, you know what an avatar means. But you can basically understand it as representation of a computer user.

Leaving comments on blogs is worth your effort and time. It is a simple exercise that involves adding you image just once and it appears next to your comments every time you comment on various blogs.

Frequent commenting on multiple blogs, act as a good means of getting traffic to your site. So, take time and be active on gravatar enabled blogs and have traffic flowing to your site because people will be eager to have more of your detailed insights regarding your comments.

In the quest to making a name for yourself among your peers in the blogging industry, it will be a noble idea to use your real photo instead of sticking to pictures of your pet, company logo, favorite movie star or flowers.

Steps to follow in adding your image

          I. Go to and freely create your account.

         II. Carefully follow the provided instructions and ensure that the email addressed used will be the one you will be using in leaving comments. This is because the photo will be triggered by the email address.

The only thing you should be careful about is ensuring that the blogs you leave your comments on are gravatar enabled.

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