Blogging Ideas On What To Blog About When Stuck

Business blogging requires enough resources in order to blog for a long time least; it may lead to disappointments.

Subject Matter Experts need experience and the capability of writing regularly in order to manage blogging because; if they lack this, they may even fail to start.

Even if a blogger is the best in a business, there comes times when they are not sure of what to write. The best thing to order in this scenario is to use an editorial plan having already researched topics; planned according to marketing objectives. It must serve the desires of the targeted audience. This is what is called smart content marketing.

Online marketing;internet paranoia:

Through the new movie paranoia in partnership with Huffington post, there is an infographic which is highlighting on the dangers of internet security and poor media.

Besides its superstars who portray their enmity characterized by life and death, the movie highlights compromising internet security mistakes falling in line wit the movie’s theme.

In this case, content has been used to promote a movie. On other fascinating online marketing news, LinkedIn launched new page analytic responsible for tracking post performance, growth of followers and many more. They are filters used in looking into shares, clicks, comments and likes. Read more about this.

5 Reasons you should consider your employees as your best Brand advocates:

The need to enter into the social media space in many cases overstrains the companies’ resources and forecasting. Most of the companies are shifting their attention to achieving both social media best practices and pushing for increase performance.

There is always untapped potential and success that business can utilize for advocacy and engaging potential and current customers on the social web.

According to Erin Nelson, employees are always immersed in various complexities of daily social media landscapes. Because they are engaged in multiple networks, they are easily heard by the world on a daily basis.

Executive marketers have a chance of using these important crusaders to their advantage and stay in control of the lucrative goldmine. Read more by clicking here.

College Graduates’ Career success through Digital Marketing

After graduation, many graduates spend a lot of time searching for employment opportunities. Those in the communication, journalist or marketing fields are also actively involved in the job hunt in the fast growing digital marketing industry.

The good news for them is that there is an increase in industries seeking their talents besides the much awaited increase in digital marketing budget by 9%.

The president of Tech Company has a different opinion because he thinks that it is hard finding the right talents.  This means that even our graduates lack them. Although there is a high demand of talents, fresh graduates from college are incapable of filling the available digital marketing positions.

Agencies are in need of employees with experience which college graduates are found wanting. The feeling that one can only have “real word” experience if given opportunity has become a challenge in increasing number of graduates. Read more on how college graduates can acquire success in digital marketing careers.

Tips and secretes on successful Facebook marketing:

Facebook has become the most successful social network which cuts across demographics to enable consumers and brands meet and connect. This connection leads to brand awareness which in turn gives to customer engagement.

Despite providing a variety of marketing opportunities, its rapid development and release of modern marketing features has made many companies have faith in it although they are kept guessing on the best marketing practices.

Despite having 15% of the world’s population on Facebook, it is more essential knowing what is doable on Facebook and how to achieve it. Here are insights on tips on successful Facebook marketing from a social media expert; Mari Smith.

Online marketing news:

In the world, there are millions of people having various conversations about brands. Majority of these conversations are advocacy mentions responsible for increasing marketing of brands. Network amplification via advocacy contributes up to 80% of the reach attained from marketing campaigns.

This implies that brands that can not generate enough advocacies will be meant to spend more in marketing to achieve unlike those prioritizing advocacy. In order to understand more about the key advocacy drivers, social@Ogilvy took an analysis involving seven million brand mentions and twenty two brands. Read more on Online marketing news regarding Google web domination, Twitter, Lucky Gmail Ads and LinkedIn Bandwagon

Is SEO Dead?

Some funny articles have claimed that SEO is dead but in a moment we are going to dispute this claim. It is true that SEO has changed over time but it is still alive and thriving.  It is right claiming that some of the SEO tactics have failed because they no longer work because they violate Google’s guidelines. Find out whether SEO is really dead.

Where should you start your social media strategy?

Irrespective of the business you may be doing, you can not afford to fail to get involved in social media. Social media has increasingly become a powerful discovery engine where critical business decision makers and consumers get to send their friends and fans to websites which they like. emarketer reported over 1.4 billion users of social networks by 2012.

This online audience is massive but not in any means unified hence the need for better social media strategy which will influence the customer’s behaviors. You need to be aware about where you should start and the reason behind your decision.

Need for emotional connections in order to win the market place:

Most admired brands in the market have managed to establish strong connections with their customers. In order to achieve a better connection between brands and consumers, there should be better premium pricing, retention and word of mouth.

In the zeal to create more content and utility, you should keep in mind the need to establish a closer connection with emotional connection through meaningful and mechanical marketing. Here is content on how successful marketers use emotional connection to win their marketplaces.

Online marketing news on 500 Blog, Social sites and more:

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth conducted their annual study on Fortune 500 companies and came out with following result;

  • 69% of the companies had a YouTube account.
  • Walt Disney, Facebook and Coca-cola enjoyed the largest Facebook following of 300 million fans when combined together.
  • 69% of the companies had a Facebook fan page.
  • Starbucks, Facebook and Google had the largest following; 20,000,000 followers from Twitter.
  • Specialist retailers and consumer food products took lead with Twitter adoption.
  • 77% of Fortune 500 companies had a single twitter account.
  • 9% had pinterest accounts.

Here is more online news about the Fortune 500 social network pops and more

6 Tips on how to Rock Content Marketing This Year:

 As momentum is ever increasing in the digital marketing world, many companies are trying to find their success through content.

In order to have first hand information on some of the tough issues pertaining to digital marketing, experts will be on stage on September 9th to 11th during the Content Marketing World.

Attending this conference will be an essential investment to help you learn on how to plan, build, measure, market and stay focused concerning your organization’s content. Find the essential 6 ways of rocking the content marketing world this year.

Critical Questions and Answers regarding Content Marketing for small business:

 Online content is supposed to be useful to users, easy to find and share regardless whether it is for profit making, non-profit making or for government use.

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