Buying Old Domains And Why You Should Buy Them

Aged domains are works of people who used to own websites but because of reasons only known by them, they decided to quit.

In the past, most aged domains had properly working links which pointed to the abandoned domains and this made them retain their PR.

This motivated many people to go for them because they provided a shortcut to owning a website with an already established PR.

In some instances, these websites could loose their PR but for those were quick enough to put up new websites, they retained their PR and even made them go up.

In short, in the past (around 2008 and later years), it was easy to purchase an auctioned aged domain and pull up a website without much struggle but things have changed.

Currently, a lot of care is required when purchasing aged domains because majority of the domains loose their PR and they never have it back.

It will be a waste of money if you end up buying several aged domains which will require a lot of money in order to make them run.

For instance, you will be required to do backlinking and fresh content building which is equivalent to building a new website.

If this ever happens to you, know that you need to halt and gather all the information required before continuing with this venture.

Lando is an expert in dealing with aged domains and he has helped many through their nagging concerns about how to buy an aged domain and make it work for you. He has accomplished this through his training course, Automatic authority.

The course comprises of 10 videos that are dedicated to teaching you some ‘must-have’ tips in order to make aged domains work for you. He teaches on how you can buy the aged domains and run them on WordPress.

He also coaches people on how they can keep their PR after owning the domains through getting some of the puzzles and techniques right.

Domains need to be critically analyzed before they are bought in order to reduce the risk of buying domains with fake PR. The course provides sequential steps and tools necessary when one is analyzing a aged domain name pending purchasing.

Lando builds a good tips-oriented foundation on what one should focus on when evaluating a domain to determine whether it is worthy purchasing or discarding.

The integration of these tips and relevant tricks makes one focused to achieve his/her goals.

The truth is that, it is had finding a good aged domain but through his proposed and proven techniques about searching an aged domain, you will save many hours of trying to find one.

Through his experience, you will understand why some domain names can be preferred and others avoided. If you have questions concerning some of your aged domains which no longer work, you will find exclusive answers through his videos.

How do you identify fake domains and PR? This is the resource you need to learn more concerning spotting domains with faked domains.

Your newly acquired aged domain needs to be set up on WordPress.

Easy to learn tips have been included in this course so that you do not spend more money to have it set up for you.

Relevant information on how to keep the PR after you have owned the aged domain, accompanies the setting up tips.

Why buying aged domain is a good idea

        i.  It takes time for new domains to rank for profitable keywords:

Google gives aged domain with PR more weight than new domains because aged domains are associated with” trust” authority. It may take more than 6 months for new domains to rank for profitable keywords.

      ii. Perceived trustworthiness from consumers:

Google’s farmer update affects more new websites than old websites with older links because it is perceived that; these websites must be trustworthy in order to have old links up-to-date. This results to new website loosing their ranking as old website gain rank.

    iii.  They can be Multi-used:

This means that aged domains can be used either in setting up affiliate sites or they can be used in linking to your already running site.

The influence created by a site with high PR linking to your site is impeccable. In Google’s eyes, when one purchases an aged domain with PR you have secured a site with authority.

     iv. Websites with authority are capable of ranking quicker than new websites for multiple keywords:

Starting new sites and making them rank with a bunch of keywords as older websites will take longer.

In a nutshell, there are more advantages to using aged domains than new domains.

As stated, you will need to do research and evaluate every auctioned aged domain to make sure that you land on the best.

In case you happen to find domains which are already ranking, make sure to evaluate their Adsense CPC to determine whether they have an aff program associated with the keywords. Buying an aged domain is the shortcut to have your website ranked.

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