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Internet Business Ethics

Internet businesses and marketing arenas have been plagued by the worst syndrome of lame products, fake gurus even “takers” who are reaping off people their fortunes. You need not to learn it the hard way because it does not only leave cursing on your ignorance but it also pains deep down in the wallet. Because […]

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Magic In Marketing

I know you have heard of magicians and you understand what they do. If you have never wondered what it entails, I am going to give you some insights. A magician is one who creates illusions by perfectly controlling people’s attention and awareness. A skilled magician makes people his/her toys by manipulating their focus and […]

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Patternicity And Internet Marketing

According to Michael Shermer’s article, patternicity is behind our daily experiences and ways of life. This can be attributed to evolution where it is believed that, containing a clear pattern and the ability to recognize different patterns helped people in the past to avoid death from carnivores that used to roam around looking for their […]

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