Changing The Domain Name Will Affect The Search Referral Traffic

A simple and precise answer to this question is that it does. Most people in this industry are aware of this but many are after knowing whether changing a domain affects a website’s ranking and SEO results.

Majorities are forced by their clients or circumstances to change their domain names hence; changing of domain names is not a common activity among people.

The first thing you should know concerning swapping domain names is that, not all swaps are the same. There is much which is expected to be done if you decide to possess and control your old domain.

In this case, 301 redirects are implemented to have the link value from the old content transferred and pointed to the new domain. Do not be deceived that you will change all the old links.

There are people who for some reasons wish to sell their domain names and start a fresh. This category of people need to say good-bye to their link value since changing the old links may prove cumbersome and time wasting.

I know there are many out there who prefer selling their domain names but get hold of their content with an aim of keeping those links alive and coming.

It is advisable to let go both the domain name and old links because you will have a lot to do in terms of helping people to correctly search for the new domain. Likewise also, you will need new links.

It is practically impossible to benefit from the link value whose domain as been sold. The least you can do is using the content if it was good and quality enough to generate new links after careful replenishing it.

This will be good news to those wiling to move their content to their new domain names. Replenishing ensures that you do not lose all your link value forever. It will be of great benefit investing more time in having high quality content than striving to obtaining link value because content last longer than links.

In a nutshell, changing the domain name will affect the search referral traffic hence affecting your SEO.

This will remain so untill all the redirects are sorted out. On the other hand, if you decide to remain on the site and create high quality content, you will recover lost content within a reasonable time.

Is it necessary having Keywords in your Domain name?

Many internet marketers in the SEO industry, have found it hard in having their sites rank on the first page of Google. This has led to many ideologies including having keywords in the domain names but shockingly enough, Google has never outlined this as a ranking factor.

Giants like Wikipedia have not been left behind in this struggle and Google has turned a blind eye towards recognizing the use of keywords in the domain name as a ranking factor.

The reason why you may witness some domain names ranking highly is that they have many quality links pointing to their domain names. This criterion is very good and successful to naive SEOs.

On the other hand, those who spend their time and resources in buying exact-match domain names and have keyword-rich anchor text pointing to them, may never find any benefit in anything else.

When Google finally decided to face out the “Exact Match Domain name”, most sites serviced because most of the EMD websites had not invested heavily on the keyword rich anchor texts.

This EMD update did not affect majority of the affiliate marketers. Later on, Google went for those low quality stuff and they were phased out. This was done without caring whether keywords have been used in the domain names.

For many years, those who had keywords in their URLs seemed to benefit. Although the algorithm was ever in use, people had keywords in both their domain names and their URLs.

From their analytics data, it was easier observing how thousands of their keywords sent traffic to their thousands of pages bearing their content.

In short, it will be helpful having a short domain names with keywords to help consumers easily remember them.

For those into buying cheap articles and posting them in WordPress sites with an aim of calling their audience to action, what you call your domain has less significance.

Importance of Using Sub-Domain and Google’s Perception about them

One fact about Google’s perception about sub-domains is that; Google loves them. This is contrary to what the SEO experts think. Sub-domains are key to success and you need not to listen to advice that seems to hinder your success.

Doing things because everyone does them is not an ultimate guarantee that you are right. People do research and share their discoveries but things change very quickly hence; you need to be alert all the time.

This requires you to think straight and do things your own way. Using sub-domains gives you an advantage over others because you will have people searching for them the same way they search your domain name.

On the other hand, sub-domains stand a chance of ranking highly in search queries. Finally, sub-domains are responsible for making sitelinks and showing of pictures.

Advantages of sub-domains

  • If you own the domain, you will own the sub domains for free; you will not have to pay for them.
  • Gives you the privilege of putting your keywords before the brand in the URL.
  • Sub-domains stand a chance of having their own design and navigation.
  • Can have their on IP address hence capable of helping in load management.
  • Sub-domains are more secure because they have a different hosting account.

Despite the fact that sub-domains make some other things easier using and less expensive, you may as well consider using folders.

In conclusion, people deserve to know that domain names are not important to SEO. SEO works to support you business decision.

This means that, you can take any non-descript but generic domain name and use a given set of keywords and generate traffic for it.

Both the Search optimization process and the Search engine do not care. There is no SEO reason behind picking and using a specific domain name.

We decide on using certain domain names because we like, trust and believe in them.  This means that domain names are important to people and not SEO.

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