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The recently incarnated has brought more hope and efficiency to its fans who have found a reliable file hosting service known as MEGA (Mega Encrypted Global Access).

Online file storage has got a major boast with the invention of this player.

Kim DotCom from which is responsible for the incarnation perceives MEGA as a superior file storage player which has been developed to overtake its counterparts; Dropbox and Google Drive.

Dropbox and Google Drive have not taken it a serious challenge to have MEGA compete with them but the reality is soon to be felt.

MEGA has been designed with 25 times bigger storage capacity than its counterparts hence it has a cutting age through the market to lure more people into adopting it to gain access the scarce resource.

Besides it  has large storage capacity on the cloud and it is located outside USA. This is an advancement form its earlier version; and it assures you of the security of the stored files since it discourages any illegal attempts to hack it and make it malfunction of fail.

Using MEGA gives the uploaders a sense of security by making them the only people aware of the contents of the uploaded files because every file uploaded to the server, is automatically encrypted.

Every person adores the confidentiality of their data hence MEGA has got this service right.

Pirates have found themselves on the wrong side of the receiving end because they have been shut down by MEGA.

This has been achieved by vigilantly stopping malicious site from downloading contents from shared links. and other malicious site have lost their effect with MEGA.

Free file sharing software’s currently which i use include the following ;


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