Content Marketing Plan.Killing It Through Creative Content Marketing

Content marketing is ever growing and going viral. This has pushed many companies to panic and publish content even without purpose in order to avoid being left behind in this trend.

When dealing with content creation, producing quality is the primary key to success. In response to this need, proper content planning and optimization is essential.

Lee Odden through the book Optimize deals with optimizing across social media, SEO and content marketing. In this article, we are going to see some of the brands that have made it through great content.

        i.  Open University’s excellence in Multimedia Content Creation

Open University was the first European university to have over a million subscribers on their iTune channel. This channel has attained over 62 million content downloads.

One peculiar aspect about this university is that it is also the first university in the United Kingdom with a YouTube channel enjoying over 12 million views and over 45 thousand subscribers.

The secrete behind Open University’s success is the creation and distribution of optimized contents; which address the very needs of their audience in a variety of formats. Video is to be used in demonstrating processes and illustrating concepts when teaching.

YOU realized the importance of having their content in podcasts so that both current and potential students can listen to it across multiple platforms.

Optimization of social content has also helped in building a network of over 59 thousand Twitter followers and 96 thousand Facebook fans.

      ii. Corning’s Video complements using Repurposed Visual and written content.

A Day Made of Glass video achieved a lot of success soon after its launch on Feb 4th 2014. It soon attracted over 12 million views on YouTube and it went viral.

In order to foster interaction on their corporate website, the team crated a page besides the video in order to respond to question which were frequently asked about the video. This paved a way to using complementary written content.

A series of images was created in order to keep fans engaged in sharing them across social networks. On the other hand, press releases were issued around launches. This video was designed to be a conversation starter with R&D organizations and product design.

iii.  Hate and Love Content by SAP Inspires Emotion into Audience

SAP is using creativity in their content strategy across various social networks to pursue success. Their creative campaigns like Love Hate Data including a microsite, blogs, infographics targeting both data lovers and haters.

Besides this, there are Twitter accounts; @datahater or @datalovers. The campaign’s primary goal was to promote Crystal Solutions; SAP’s entry level business intelligence tool.

By allowing their audience to identify themselves with the two personas; either data haters or data lovers, their web content was designed to trap an emotional and powerful call to action from the audience and target market.

3 Steps of creating Creative Content marketing success

There are three essential creative content marketing strategies that should be considered by companies ready to succeed. These include:

  • Discovering: Businesses ought to understand how their audience find content.
  • Content consumption: Brands tend to optimize for what is well resonating with their audience.
  • Action: Companies are always inspiring their audiences to take action. This involves converting prospects and other social fans to become buyers.

In a nutshell, the above brands have gained success through publishing beneficial, interesting and quality content which has kept their community close and interested in their products and services.

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