Drive Traffic to Your Site Using Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a website created and run by yahoo to help people post their questions and have people responding to them within minutes. It is a great resource to people doing some sort of research.

On the other hand, this website is important to internet marketers who use it as a platform for driving traffic to their blogs and websites. Besides that, you can directly send traffic to merchant’s website from Yahoo Answers.

What to Avoid

By now I know you are aroused and feel like visiting Yahoo Answers and answer as many questions as possible. Hold on; you may end up spamming what is meant to benefit people. The website should be used in giving relevant and valid answers.

People asking questions need answers to their problems and not a plain link to your website or a promotion of your affiliate link. Worse still, others provide a lot of unrelated content just to promote their products without answering the question.

This will never pay out because people need to be convinced that you have the right expertise, skills, knowledge and understanding of their problems if they are to be interested on you as a good resource.

You ought to give in order to expect something. In order to avoid receiving thumbs down, be relevant and beneficial in your answers or you risk becoming spammy.

Spammers may as well be a problem in that, they post questions because they just what to drive traffic to their sites by advertising them through their questions.

On the other hand spammers may be having two logins through which they ask and answer the question with irreverent answers just to promote their products and sites.

These are all bad habits and general misuse of Yahoo Answers. You will be more successful if you provide quality and relevant answers to questions in this website. If you post value, you may end up driving higher traffic to your site. For effective use of Yahoo Answers, you should do the following:

        i.   You should find relevant questions

Finding questions related to your website’s topic is important in order to effectively promote your website.

Do not waste your time answering questions unrelated to your website. In order to find topics related to your website, use the category menu and know what you can answer in order to promote your website and reach out to potential leads.

      ii.   Give relevant answers

While answering a question, you need not to be wordy but quality and relevancy should be met. Without laying a lot of emphasis on your website, just answer the question to the best of your capability.

    iii.  Provide beneficial answers

Instead of focusing on quantity by trying to answer as many questions as you can, try providing quality in your answers so that people asking those questions may find satisfaction in your answers.

If you think the person asking the question will not be satisfied with what you want to provide, do not bother wasting you time.

    iv.   Incorporate your Link.

Yahoo Answers provides an opportunity to add a link to your blog or website but make sure that your link is relevant. Others add affiliate links and they succeed in providing more insight to the topic from which the answer was given.

Because Yahoo Answers ranks highly in Google continue providing relevant, useful, comprehensive and clear answers and you will find more traffic to your site because people will be interested in your quality.

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