Entrepreneur Ideas And Why You Should Be An Online Entrepreneur

Have you ever thought of yourself as a successful entrepreneur? If you have been contemplating becoming one, here are 30 reasons why you should plunge forward with your dream.

If you are already an entrepreneur, you may find this refreshing and have deeper reasons to keeping you firmly grounded on your choice.

1.      Freedom over what you wear:

Unlike other businesses which can not give you freedom to be casual, being an online entrepreneur gives you the freedom of working in pajamas, sandals and any other attire of your choice and environment.

2.      Low risk involved: 

In the past people had to invest in offices, advertising space and stores in order to offer services, promote themselves and sell products respectively. With internet use, you can achieve this through acquiring a domain and hosting for less than $100 per year. Although you may incur losses, they will be very minimal.

3.      It is your work:

You will be working for yourself and this means that you will be directly receiving the fruits of your hard work.  You are to work hard in order to receive  long-term benefits without having to depend on someone else to pay you as an employee

4.      You avoid being bored:

When you are employed, you are supposed to fill a particular role and work there to improve it. An online entrepreneur fills multiple roles in his/her company. This helps in breaking monotony of doing the same role every time. Being an online entrepreneur, you will be a writer, designer, salesperson and coder among other roles.

5.      Ever-learning:

As an entrepreneur responsible in performing multiple duties, you stand a chance of learning daily in order to be up-to-date. Due to rapidly changing technologies, trends and techniques, you will be learning more every day in order to stay relevant and beneficial. You will need to keep your mind sharp and developing it daily with brighter skills and ideas.

6.      Chance to realize your true calling:

Through the multiple and diversified roles assumed by an entrepreneur, one stands a chance of realizing his/her true potential and what he/she can do effectively.

7.      Avoid the rush:

You will have an opportunity to avoid the morning and evening rush to and from work-places. An online entrepreneur will only require walking from his /her bedroom to his/her computer and starting working if he/she works from home. If you decide to have an office, you will be in control of the times to report and come home to avoid the rush.

8.      Guaranteed home cooking:

Employees will rush to restaurants to take their lunch or carry packed lunch. An online marketer will have more time and freedom to eat from his/her kitchen. With this privilege, you will have an opportunity to having less expensive, healthier and more satisfying foods.

9.      More Sunshine:

A normal day job will be so demanding that you will never have enough time to have vitamin D from the sun. As an online entrepreneur, you will have time to respond differently to weather changes without constraints.

10.  You will have a chance to build your network:

Knowing the right people in your business can be the bridge to realizing your dreams. Working from the same office everyday and every year, limits you from getting to know new people. As an entrepreneur, you need to meet new potential clients, partners and customers. In order to nurture relationships, you will need to have personal interactions which end up increasing your network.

11.  Ever increasing internet growth:

Many people are getting access to internet and if you start an online business, it will reap the benefits of internet growth.

12.  Economic Transition favors online business:

We are in the digital era where we are dealing with globalized trade. Although majority of the world industries have been left depleted with this shift, more entrepreneur opportunities have been created.

13.  Deals with unemployment problem:

There are high rates of unemployment around the globe and this leaves many employees vulnerable to high competition and very low wages. This is good news to entrepreneurs who will have access to willing and dedicated workforce.

14.  Job Creation:

If you become successful, you will need to add employees to your business.

15.  Your internet habit becomes productive: 

The time you will be spending online as an entrepreneur will be properly utilized in building networks with people in your industry, reading relevant articles and sharing benefiting stories on your social networks.

16.  You are at liberty to do what you like:

Instead of playing by rules and ideas of your employer, you will have time to be in pursuit of your dream career.

17.  Door to passive income:

An online entrepreneur has a good chance of earning without having to put his/her effort to maintain it. You can achieve this through selling products, hosting advertisements and creating membership programs.

18.  You are your own boss:

it is difficult working to your boss’s satisfaction. As your own boss, you will be responsible for every decision affecting offering services. You are to be a leader, friend and mentor to people looking up to you.

19.  Job security:

As an entrepreneur, you will have control over your future. Employees are never sure about their job security because in the quest to reduce salary and other expenses, the company may decide to terminate your services and lender you jobless. An entrepreneur may lose followers, customers or clients but not his/her career.

20.  Gives you an option of keeping your day time job:

It takes time to build a successful online business. You have to own a site, have followers and products that interest people. You can continue earning your full time income as you take your time to build your online business.

21.  You have an option of quitting your Day time job:

After investing your time in building your online business and it becomes more profitable than your day time job; the day time job’s income becomes very obsolete, you can dedicate your time to being an entrepreneur and quit your day time job.

22.  You will be taught self-discipline:

You will need to own your decisions and their outcome. You will not have somebody to inspire you to being more productive but you must develop a habit of motivating yourself in order to achieve your dreams. Being    self-disciplined will enable you to be confident and satisfied with what you do as an entrepreneur.

23.  Time for touring the world:

When running an online business, you have an opportunity of working from anywhere in the world. You will only need an internet connection to reach your office. You can tour the world all year long with your office as an entrepreneur.

24.  Easy to obey your body clock:

Every person has specific times when he/she is very active and creative. As an entrepreneur you will listen to this body clock and achieve more through it. A normal day time working schedule may not give you the opportunity of utilizing this time to achieve results.

25.  You will have an opportunity of working for just 4 days a week:

Through your hard work, you can build a successful online business which runs without your effort. The journey to working for only 4 days in a week is not very easy. You will require working over 60 hours a week after starting your business in order to achieve this. For more details read “The 4 Hour WeekHour”.

26.  Fosters efficiency:

In order to work for fewer hours in a week, you need to work more efficiently. This means that you need to work harder to relax quickly. In some instances, people tend to use more time in completing projects when they are paid on hourly basis.

27.  Offers satisfaction:

An entrepreneur works for himself/herself using his/her own strategies, rules, and paths. An entrepreneur is always in control of his/her destiny. In many occasions, they are meant to be proud of their outcome because they always do their very best in bringing the best out of them. This brings satisfaction into them.

28.  Unlimited growth potential growth:

There are a lot of constraints involved for one to grow in a normal day time job. You can only get incremental forms of growth but not a breakthrough. As an online entrepreneur, you business stands a chance of exploding and becoming very successful than a day time job.

29.  You have a chance of influencing the world:

Unlike working as an employee where you are used as machinery to help in achieving the company’s goals, you have a better platform as an online entrepreneur to put a mark in the world by expressing your values and goals through your business. You can influence, help, inform and entertain the world.

30.  Platform to leave your Legacy:

Building an online business will be beneficial both to you and to the world. With your business, you have a better chance of adding value to the world as did Bill gates and Steve Jobs among others.

In a nutshell, becoming an online entrepreneur changes your lifestyle and adds value to the world besides giving you time to control your destiny.



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