Exceptional Blog Branding And Your Blogs Hidden Messages

Podcasting and video publishing needs to be done with a lot of care to avoid miscommunications because you may fail to rightly express your brand.

With this in mind, you should be aware that your blog delivers both intentional and unintentional messages. Incase of any miscommunications, you should blame yourself for them. Do the following to better your communication.

Auditing a Blog Brand is worth your time

It is always a good idea to do a serious Blog brand audit to clean any unwanted content or feature that is irrelevant.

After a long study of your blog, determine in a simple way what it conveys. A well built blog that defines its plan is preferred; so do the necessary adjustments to achieve this.

The elements used in your blog to infer different meanings and stories should be consistent and relevant. Creating a remarkable first impression is a good strategy towards keeping your readers.

From their first visit, it should be clear to them regarding the contents to be read, people to deal with and most importantly, they should be able to know their current location.

Keep your reader warm by being interesting and friendly by giving them intimate welcome to your blog. Do your best not to make them feel burdened after their first visit.

Present your Blog in a likable manner.

Despite the fact that you want to be professional, you need to be approachable as well. Treat your readers in a way that will impress them and keep them at ease.

Do that which you might have expected from the other party if you were the reader. Let you blogs achieve their purpose but still remain likable.

Mastery of visual complement king contents

At their first visits, the visitors infer a lot from what they see on your blog. Though your purpose is to reach them through your quality contents, their brains visualize a lot through what they see.

Their safety and trust remain a question to be answered by what they find out from your picture and Bio if any.

None likes spammy places. The quality and modesty of the design, plays a role in gaining more fans hence; make sure yours does not appear so outdated.

The more appealing your design is the more fans it will earn you. Your readers need to have a connection with you in order to feel comfortable at your blog. They look at any evidence of being in the same wavelength with you.

You may fail to access a beautiful template that is professionally designed but a design that assures one of your approachability and trustworthiness is all you need. Make them at peace with what you have.

A picture summarizes a message

In many blogs, photography is used not only to set tones that draw readers’ attention but it also sets scenes for every story. Consider having an appropriate portrait in your blog that depicts you as a welcoming and approachable person.

Dress you blog with captivating colors

Be careful when choosing the colors you will wish to dress your blog with. As you may be aware, different colors are associated with different meanings. Avoid inferring inappropriate messages through your colors.

Among the meaning inferred by colors include purity by white, secret or serious by black, maturity or dull by grey, business by navy blue, optimism or little feminine by sky blue, royalty by purple, passion, blood or alert by red and wealth by gold among other colors with many meanings. Let your colors make your readers more comfortable.

In order to achieve this, make your message congruent in that, regardless of the cultural perceptions regarding meanings inferred by the colors, you do not misrepresent your blog.

Your color scheme is supposed to attract readers’ attention and make your contents impeccably readable.

In conclusion, determine what every element in your blog communicates about the whole story. Ensure that what you have communicated is what you desire to be communicating. Send coherent messages without contradicting yourself.

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