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    Hi Dawood,

    I want to thank you first for raising my hopes about making money online. I have tried every conceivable trick in the book and only got my fingers badly burnt but after going through the course, my hope was restored.

    My first question is can I have the case study videos you could not give on warriorforum? I would really appreciate that.

    My second question is more of an humble request. I would really love to have clients that I can as well offer this service. Right now, I am up to my ears in debt and I believe starting off with paying clients will help speed things fast before more money start rolling in from my youtube channels. I have read your response to Jackie please and I would appreciate it if you can push some of these clients you reject my way.

    I don’t want to sound desperate but the truth is, I am!

    Thanking you in anticipation of your assistance.
    Folarin Soyode

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    Dawood Mossad

    Hello Mr.Fosoyode;

    Thanks alot for your questions.
    i like Questions. only that please bare with me when i delay abit to reply. i’m a real human with many day to day tasks.and i’m alone without any customer care. but i like it.having been online for over 6+ years, boy?? i have seen it all.
    it sounds strange in the beginning but if you are consistent and providing value,things start to get off through the roof spontaneously.

    now for clients, as i explained in with Mr.Thai, thats the way i do it.

    god willing,if time allows, i will start holding webinars where we discuss such issues in more details, especially getting clients.

    it sounds like hard at first but its have reminded me where i was sometime back. i used to be in your shoes. but don’t worry.
    the opportunities are so huge online.that is if you do provide value. not crap.

    Many times i buy stuff online,but i also look at reviews , then i buy.

    I have so many of these case studies, even i don’t know where to start from.
    i even showed you some of them in the main system it self….and those who cheated me,are now praising me in many blackhat forums about my system.

    Many have started to get results. i even saw one guy who exactly copied my system,by washing and repeating,and started selling it, but warrior forum got to know about it,and he has been banned for good.and his crap was taken down. the children of ADAM are not so easy to deal with.but we try our best as you know…

    Let me know if you have any more Questions



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