Good Time Management Improves Productivity At Work

Many people have found the day to be too short for them to complete their tasks hence; some end up carrying home unfinished work or others prefer staying late in their areas of work to finish up.

After finally doing all your workload, your energy is thoroughly drained and soon start nursing stress because of deadline-oriented tasks.

Good news is that you can avoid all this madness if you can manage your time well. Preparing a working schedule, which you will discipline yourself to work with will enable you achieve more at a relaxed state and go home healthy.

How to manage your day:

       I.   Take a studied record of your day:

Before preparing your schedule, you should understand what you usually do the whole day. Every activity of your life should be taken into account in order to prepare a working time management plan.

A clear, accurate and complete record of how you spend your day is required.

Time spent in chatting, texting, responding to emails and other matters which may appear petty should be captured. All this is meant to show how you spend your day.

    II.   Creating a daily plan:

A typical working day will comprise various routine tasks which should be allocated corresponding amount of time. You will be obligated to sticking to these tasks while observing the timings.

For beginners, you may contemplate having a list of tasks and you will be ticking against accomplished tasks.

This will give you a sense of relieve as you tackle them and I may end up giving you hints on where you can save time. The fear of leaving any task undone becomes history.

 III.   Observe deadlines:

Find your own convenient means of alerting yourself about approaching deadlines because it can be stressing dealing with meeting every deadline. Most urgent tasks should be given preference when deadline threaten fail you.

IV.  Projects need planning:

A lot of time will be saved if you learn to formulate plans for even the simplest tasks.

Besides this, developing this habit will save you when you seem stuck because you easily figure out what your next step.

Remember that if you fail to plan them you are automatically planning to fail.

     V.   Streamlining communication:

Sometimes, a lot of time is wasted by people influenced by modern communication because they may prefer sending emails to each other and yet they are a corridor away.

Although they may decide to be doing other things as they wait for the response, the tasks in execution is often vulnerable to delays.

Picking the telephone or chatting with you colleagues can save time.

  VI.  Avoid wasting much time in meetings:

If you are to benefit from meeting, agendas need to be clear with active participants in order to save time.

In most cases, a lot of time is wasted because people arrive late and gossiping takes a lot of time because agendas are unclear and misdirected.

In a nutshell, proper time management will enable you to be an achiever with less effort.

Put into action the above tips on how prepare a time management plan and how to implement it and avoid straining yourself to meet deadlines.

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