Growing A Brick And Mortal Business Through Social Media

With the increase use of social media in promoting online business, one may be left wondering on how a pure brick and mortal business can benefit from social media.

Any business involving human beings has greater chances of benefiting from social media. So, regardless of your business, social medial can be used to grow it.

In order to use it to grow your business, you may not directly sell your services and goods through your most preferred social sites but they can be used in several wise ways to promote it.

Mostly, you will use social sites like Facebook and Twitter in building business relationships, appreciating your customers, tagging your satisfied customers, posting their videos while using your products and having their friends and fans comment on these photos to bring awareness to people about your business.

Steps to follow in order to start using social media in your business

Acquire a digital camera:

You should not over spend on obtaining  a camera but a point and shoot digital camera will be enough because you only need moderate quality photos. Do not use your cell phones because you may end up with low quality and blurred photos.

Acquire a Flip video Camera:

This is easy to use and you do not need to spend in order to learn how to use them because they come with already installed software to help you in easy editing of photos and uploads. You can try the Kodak Zi8.

Using your name, set up a Facebook account:

To make it simple,  you can apply for your account name to make it easier when referring people to it.  The next step involves sending friend requests to all your customers. If possible, you may have all your employees doing the same thing.

Create the official business page:

After successfully creating your official business page, with the help of your employees, have their friends “like” the page. You should zealously work to attain at least have 100 likes and apply for business page’s name to make easier referring people to it.  This will look like “” .You can do this through “usernames for Facebook pages” page an edit the page. Make sure that the business URL is put on everybody’s business card.

Take your business to by creating an account:

In order to have your posts on Facebook automatically reflecting on Twitter, connect you Facebook page to Twitter. In order to achieve better results, you should have your personal Facebook pages connected to your Twitter account.

Taking it to the next level:

Go proficient by taking a nice photo and uploading it on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo posting:

You should treat this part as your content area by posting photos related and relevant to your business.

For instance, for a salon business, you should post photos of clients showcasing their looks before and after getting services from your salon; this will majorly involve hairstyle and other related photos.

Tagging of the customers with their consent will be helpful to create more engagement among your customers.

Continue posting your newer promotions and announcements at your page and have your employees invite people to  become fan.

You need to collect your customers’ and prospective customers’ addresses with an aim of creating an email list. You will be constantly using this email list to send promotion and announcements to your customers.

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