How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Facebook

Advertising on Facebook can be taken as another serious option in advertising if you are wearied with meeting high rates associated with Google’s PPC adds. In order to understand how the two work, let us look at their comparison so that you can make an informed choice.

Before contemplating advertising, you should be able to quantize its effectiveness.  Though you may witness many people displaying ads on Google, Facebook and other sites, it does not give the right to risk your money because different people use various analytics concerning traffic.

You have to go an extra mile to track your sales in order to be aware of the specific ads responsible achieved sales.

If you can not achieve this, you will be wasting your money in displaying ads which you are never sure of how influential each one of them is. The good news to those willing to track their sales is that; this is an easy and cheaper task to accomplish.

You can utilize free Google Analytics. The only thing required of you is to have a page with JavaScript indicating when the goal has been met.

For instance, let us use a thank you page after a sale to showcase the expected order process. You will start with the Sales page followed by order form and then payment processor (PayPal) and finally, the thank you page.

As highlighted earlier, the thank you page will have the code to indicate on the Google Analytic that a sale has been made. This will work regardless of the prospect goal because most of the visitors are likely to go through the entire process.

After this take time to go through data in Google to find out the goals that were met and the keywords responsible leading people from the search engines. At this time, you are at a better position to determine whether the money spent on PPC ads on particular sources played part in the sales and by how much.

Why this is Important

Because things are meant to happen simultaneously, you must be sure that the sales received were influenced by PPC ads because the sales may be due to mentioning of your products in large social sites with huge audience reach.

If the latter, then you may be left in a comforting deception that your PPC ads are working wonders. On the hand you will be able to note the amount spent on advertising on Facebook verses the sales achieved out of it.

Facebook Tests

Here are some of the things you need to understand about Facebook:

  • Facebook has a quick turn around approval
  • Its displays are easy to understand and they are real time. This means that it shows the ads running with their corresponding stats, clicks, impressions and the amount spent.
  • You are at liberty to set low-daily limits
  • Closing an existing ad to pave way to make some tweaks is easy

The only challenging thing I am facing is the option of setting my ads to run at specific times but I am sure there is somebody out there who has insight to this. When necessary, I manually pause my ads.

How to target keywords?

The major difference between advertising on Facebook and Google is that Facebook does not use keywords because its users are not involved in searching. This means that in Facebook, one selects specific profile settings and target where and whom the ads are to be displayed.

Depending on the interests of one’s target audience, you can use interest groups, age ranges, location among other selection criterions. The most outstanding feature associated with Facebook advertising is that upon selecting the demographic settings for your ads, you will be able to know the real-time numbers able to see your ads.

How to deal with Facebook’s suggested bid range?

Being a suggestion, it does not prompt you to use it. Tweak your demographics to determine how much you can be able to deal with on your maximum bid.

Work with your received impressions to reach your cap limit. The ranges are meant to throttle your ads to prevent you from being displayed in 10 minutes.

Refrain from being Pushy and use pictures because they convey more than words

People do not like being pushed around hence be wise on how you make people hooked to your ads. In many occasions, use images to impress and attract people’s attention.

Provide compelling copy to arouse their interests. Look what to see more of this on Troy White’s blog.

Dealing with your Results and sales

As highlighted above, you ought to track you ad in order to be sure concerning the source of your sales.

Make sure that your Google Analytics are properly set as well as Analytics on Facebook. You may be receiving sales without appropriate knowledge regarding their origin hence end up wasting your money.

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