How To Become A Successful Blogger.How To Start A Blog For Free

Although all bloggers desire to succeed, not all achieve this because others emerge as leaders in this industry while other languish in low traffic and eventually surrender.

The difference between the two comes as a result of providing quality and value to your readers and knowing when to engage your readers.

Your visitors and readers have real needs and interests that you need to satisfy through your content. If you show complacency or insufficiency in meeting their needs, they soon loose interest in you blogs and you soon suffer low traffic.

In your road to success in blogging, you need excellent templates, plugins and a proper understanding of your niche. In order to learn what people need from you, you need to look at what successful bloggers in you niche provide and how come they still remain standing when others fall.

These “successful” blogs will equip you with the right orientation you require to pull the right strings in learning of the used standards, rules, creativity and other aspects that make them successful.

Being successful as a blog needs several things although many bloggers have their minds tuned that you only require to have many blog comments, make more money and have a lot of traffic.

If you will wish to have an all round understanding of what a successful blog entails, you may need to search for the top 100 successful blogs and learn what your peers are doing to be successful.

From all the successful blogs, ingredients to a successful blog involve providing consistent value added content. I am going to give you a list of common features need to have successful blogs like Entrepreneur Journey, Problogger,  John Chow and Shoemoney.

Common Features among Successful Blogs

  1. Consistent Blog Posts:

    You should have a timely and consistent blog posts. Majority of the bloggers make daily posting while others can afford to make multiple posts per a day.

  2. Making quality posts:

    Successful blogs provide quality articles with relevant and informative information to their audience.

  3. Response to comments:

    Owners of successful blogs make an effort to personally respond to comments left on their blogs. Although not done in a big way, it helps to get personal in your comments.

  4. Newsletters: Newsletters are good tools used in building email lists. Although not all successful subscribers have newsletters, you should contemplete having a RSS sign up with a real Opt-In email list.

5. Offering free Newsletters:  Although not all successful bloggers have free offers of newsletters, free eBooks, free training and free ecource, you should embrace them if possible to encourage your visitors to sign up.

6. Use a professional template: In order to impress your readers and visitors, you should make use of a professionally looking template with blue and red colors predominating.

7. Use photos: It is essential having your photo on your homepage or providing an album of photos on a separate page.

8. You should have an “About Us” page: Most successful blogs have interesting, detailed and well written About Us page.

9. Accept Guest writers: Although it is difficult to determine whether many blogs accept guest bloggers. It is a good idea to incorporate guest blogging for diversity and enriching your writing styles.

10. Rss Feed Used: Majority of successful bloggers use FeedBurner and incorporate a subscribe option on the top of the screen.

11. What is the age of your blog?

12. Average number of blog comments in every post: A successful blog receive a relatively higher number of blog comments per a blog post. At least 5 will be fine for a start.

13. Is your Blog a Dofollow Blog? Most of the blogs are nofollow blogs.

14. Google Ads: Not all successful blogs use Google Adsense.

15. What is your Blog’s Google Page ranking? A successful blog has a relatively higher page ranking. Problogger has a page rank of 6 with exception of John Chow’s with a ranking of 5, at the moment of writing this post,and the rest of the blogs mentioned here on this very page. page ranks keep changing as search engines are turning out to be much more smarter than humans

These are but a few of the aspects that a successful blogger should look into but hard work should be central to everything. Make sure that you offer quality, relevant and informative information to your readers on a consistent basis in order to have a good start.

Another important aspect to complement your blog is having a well designed site which has to be visually appealing. You must be smart in encouraging your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed too.

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