How To Earn Respect Every Where-Being Business Verses being Professionally Human

Your sentiments, actions and perceived behaviors affect the way people treat you.

Earning respect, trust, and affections from people is not a simple thing but there are many in the society who disregards how they affect and impact other people’s lives through what that say and do.

In their aggressive oriented strives, they end up hurting people in the name of; being just business, game or straight talker.

Despite the stirred anger, we can learn to foster better relationships through professional human interaction and stop demonstrating on how much of jerks we can be.

Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All- Canadian TV reality show- has brought into the scene irritating characters who have let many wondering whether they real care what others feel. Ben Eadier Has found himself among jerks.

Through their aggressive behaviors, they have bent rules and back-stabbed him even making other contents contemplate about calling this show Canada’s Greatest D-Bags.

Instead of displaying their brain power, two contestants have become cruel jerks and they display all sorts of d-baggery.

After the show, the reality that can not be bridged is that people keep in their minds who were the jerk faces and the cool guys.

It is sad to note that, the jerks do not wake up early in the morning and purpose to be thorns in their fellow contestants’ flesh but; they find themselves in what can not be forgotten by their viewers.

This can be likened to your blogging experience. How does it suit you?

Just like the contestants from the reality show, people are always inclined towards remembering how you make them feel than what you do.

Feelings are easily shared among people and soon you will witness them on social media with everyone expressing how he/she was affected by what you made them feel.

Because the internet does not forget as do humans, these feelings will remain expressed for the world to learn about you.

Nevertheless, cool people like Ben will never go unnoticed for their goodness.

Hardly would you find people associating themselves with jerks for a long duration. Regardless of business being business, you ought to be sensitive because; it gets personal in many cases.

Lack of empathy is what leads to brutality and bulling. Being professional has nothing to do being harsh, tough as nails and rudely expressing yourself.

Owing to the fact that people will always remember how you made them feel, both jerks and cool people reap what they sow; the memories created by the jerks soon diminish from people’s minds as the good feels planted in the hearts of people keep reigning.

People always desire to work with people they know, like and trust.

Furthermore, good people earn more opportunities, links, engagements, traffic, referrals, business partners besides friends and shares.

Everyone likes to be associated with good people who are genuinely good.

Even though the jerks may not be offensive in their real lives, it feels exciting to be with the super nice resourceful people.

In conclusion, it is not about being tough as nails that will make you succeed but, it is all about being professionally human.

Here are some of the elements that make one professionally human:

I.   Empathy:

Consider the outcome of your actions besides being sensitive to other people’s feelings. This will make you consider taking their perspective of looking at things into account.

II.   Vulnerability:

Let not your desire for perfection overpower your feelings and embed your weakness.

III.   Balance:

Avoid constant outbursts because none will wish to be around that.

IV.  Compassion:

It is not mandatory that you win in every situation. Avoid grinding you competitors beyond reason to attain your win lose equation.

V.    Character:

let your actions demonstrate your character and strive to be trustworthy, friendly, ethical and above all likeable.

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