How To Start A Blog For Free.Is Blogging Right For You?

Blogging can either be interesting or nagging depending on how well it can be suited for you. Regular writing of new blogs and articles can be a hell of time if you are partly into blogging in order to make quick cash.

If you are contemplating blogging, you must be sure whether it is the best you can direct your efforts to. Here are few tips geared towards making you understand whether you are suited for blogging.

          i.  Requires outgoing personality with good communication skills:

A good blogger will be needed to build relationships through friendly tones as he/she answers questions from his/her blog readers.

This means that, he/she must be enjoying communicating with people and one has to be very approachable. You will need to engage your blog readers in various social media in order to keep their ties with your blogs.

        ii.  Possession of a fascinating topic that will interest your readers and maintain a frequent communication:

A good blogger will create his/her blog on a central interesting niche/theme which will enable him produce articles on an ongoing basis to feed the curiosity and needs of his/her readers.

      iiiWriting is an ideal means to acquire search engine’s traffic:

If you are among people who have much of their fascinating niche-oriented information in speech or video forms, you will need to transcribe your videos in order to receive large traffic from search engine.

Messages through Podcasts and videos can not pay as well as written contents. Seek help from a transcriber to have your messages in written form.

      iv.  Ready to learn new skills:  

There are people who may be intimidated by installing of a WordPress blog, its themes and other special features which may be needed.

It is always fulfilling ‘tweaking’ your own blog but you can attain hired services to install WordPress for you. This can be a lot easy if you are ready to learn how to do much of the stuff by yourself.

        v.   Are you self-motivated?

The interesting part about blogging is that, none will tell you when and how to start. This means that if you need your blog to succeed, you will need to discipline yourself and work hard for its success.

      vi.  Are you ready to spend your time working on blogging business?

Setting up your blog and having it return a significant income need investing your time building loads of interesting contents besides much desired readership.

Daily posting to your blog is inevitable in order to amass such loads. Though this scares new bloggers, what they do not realize is that, they can line up posts for later posting. Moderating comments from you readers and building of contents; articles and videos, consumes much of the blogging time.

    viiHow serious are you about being famous?

One thing that comes with blogging is that it opens you to the world. Strangers will be your blog readers, commenting on what they think of your actions and contents. If you are not ready to be famous, you can be an anonymous blogger.

viii.  Capacity to handle criticism:

This is the real test about your capability to hold yourself when pushed beyond limits. People have different insights pertaining different matters.

Many will be enjoying and appreciating your work but not all will be buying your ideas. Nasty comments and ridicule can befall your content and you will require living positively because loose answers and actions can jeopardize your hard work.

      ix.  Persistence and patience essential to blogging prosperity:

The courage to face hard and rough times is rewarding to any entrepreneur.

There may be times when you may feel that regardless the efforts put, none is concerned. Blogs take time to pick hence exercise perseverance and persistence in your efforts.

        x.  Having a sense of humor can be influential:   

It is not guaranteed that you will always be perfect in your work. Sometimes, you may be faltering but the ability to rise up and laugh at your mistake, pick the pieces and continue may make your readers love you more.

In a nutshell, you need to be open minded in order to succeed in blogging. These were but a few of the tips you can use to assess yourself and find out whether you will make a happy blogger.

If you have majority of them, then you are on the right track. You will learn more once you start blogging.

Dawood Mossad

I’m Dawood Mossad ,the guy writing All of the posts on this Website. My Mission is To Provide You With Useful Information and Teachings In Entrepreneur Field (Growing Your Business Online),And How To Make Money While Sleeping In Bed. Turning Leads Into Customers,Driving Traffic,And Etc…Things Which They Don’t Teach In Universities And Schools. THINGS WHICH RICH PEOPLE DO,AND POOR PEOPLE DO NOT DO

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Sarang - May 7, 2015

Hi Dawood,
Thanks for this awesome post for beginners. I would like to know the answers to the following queries:

1. Should I build my blog as a personal brand (like: firstnamelastname.com) or after the central idea behind the blog itself (like: adventure world / limitless movie blog / online marketing etc.) I can either reveal my identity or I can stay anonymous.
2. Since people do not know us in the beginning, will the personal branding blog succeed in long term, or the one named generically.
I want to develop and work on a single blog first, so which one should I go for?
3. I am fascinated by the concept of Limitless movie and that is the topic I am most passionate about. Alongside that, I have some good knowledge about Internet Marketing and wish to be an Online Marketing Consultant. I want to develop a limitless lifestyle for myself and thinking whether I can take this as a niche and work on it featuring my journey helping others to face challenges that I am facing.
4. I write books too and wish to have some content marketing assignments so that I can earn money online working from anywhere. Also, I wish to consult people and small businesses online through Skype to help them in their blogging and content journey. Can I mix all of these above mentioned points into a single blog and would it be a good mix or do I need to diversify each interest and create several niche blogs?
5. The most important thing is that I need to monetize all of this. Sometimes I am fascinated about adventure, travel niches as well; and wish to start earning money using these niches as well. but I am wondering how to mix this up, and If I mix it, would it be too much of a mess.
Is there a way I can best do it, please tell me.

Dawood Mossad - May 9, 2015

Hi Sarang,
Thank u so much for asking, and let me reply to your questions as much as i can….

You can either reveal your identity or you can stay anonymous.you can also build any brand you want on any Idea of your own….for-example i myself, i do have blogs on different specific topics. so it doesn’t matter whichever way you choose…..

There is no blog which cannot succeed. and if you are starting out a new blog, i suggest you go and read this article below;
http://www.copyblogger.com/guest-blogging-jon-morrow/ ,

and this one below;
http://guestblogging.com/public/about/business-owner/ ,
those two links will actually give you a detailed answer, and its the same principles i use each-time i start a new blog……

There is no niche / market you cannot succeed in. it depends on your mindset.
please do go and take time and go through the above links, subscribe to them, hence, everything will start to fall into one place….actually i do use guys alot,the links i have just given you….and i was one of their students sometime back, and we still work together…..till this date….

Yes you can still mix them if you want…for-example, you can google one of my mentors called “dan kennedy”, he is doing exactly what you are talking about here in your question 4…..
or you can to his sites here,
http://gkic.com/ ,
and you can google his names

I understand what you talking about here in question 5. but i suggest you do one thing at a time…..
please make use of the links i have given you above…..
they will go into much more details than i can write here….and i have given you the best source so far, or i can say the sources i have been using for so long, and i still use them till this date…..

let me know if u have any more questions….



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