If You Are Not Selling Crap in a Box You Are Not Selling

Have you been left wondering on how some marketers make large sums of money while others are still left struggling with generating traffics, buying traffic, generating organic traffic and doing other things to obtain success but in vain? May be you have never imagined of people packaging and selling “crap in a Box” to people.

Have you ever bought a product with nicely packaged promises anticipating to get the best of its services but you end up a disappointed buyer? Marketers have learnt to figuratively go about their business and they have earned a lot from selling this crap.

Internet marketing has opened a loop hole for marketers to sell unfit products to needy people.

The products are designed to be solving some problem that no any other products can do hence; making the users put up with them irrespective of their malfunctioning.

You may be surprised to note that there is nothing unique concerning those products except that you have been made to believe that they are doing what they have been “designed ” to do hence they continue to earn from “selling crap in a box”.

Because of the make-believe proof tendency, people always keep using the products from these marketers even staying anxious as they wait for updated version of the product incase of software.

You may be wondering on how this happens without any alarm but the simple truth is that the products are working although not according to the user’s desires and satisfaction.

This implies that even the marketers may be genuine with their products or toying around with people’s psychology to create a non-existing and false need in them.

The reason for all these is that with nice and experienced marketing, you can sell anything regardless of its design and quality.

Even if you use the best technology available to design your product with sparkling technical specifications, it can not self without proper marketing.

This means that good products need good marketing strategies and avenues in order to have people coming for it.

Who will know that you have what will help reduce or eradicate people’s burdens if you can not talk about it and inform people how it works to deliver the best results?

For those after hard truths, take it that attempting to succeed without marketing is all vanity. Success is earned and not transferred that you may dream of achieving it without hard work.

Having said all that, selling crap in a box can be awesome if you can create products with substance and have the marketing ability.

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