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Internet businesses and marketing arenas have been plagued by the worst syndrome of lame products, fake gurus even “takers” who are reaping off people their fortunes. You need not to learn it the hard way because it does not only leave cursing on your ignorance but it also pains deep down in the wallet.

Because both parties of victims hardly admit of having these malicious activities, the syndrome seems to spread far and wide without much alarm.

If people could explain the horror they are meant to go through to sort their chunks of emails sent to them concerning new and latest formulas, products or plans that have proved effective in making thousands rich without having to hardly work, you will be perplexed.

The spam filters have been overworked by trying to reduce jam in people’s received mails.

These kinds of products, plans and formulas are examples of lame products but you will be overwhelmed to know how many people become preys of these unmerciful predators.

The most sickening experience is the scam from Nigerian letters enticing people of being lucky to inherit Mr. Y’s fortune because he has been diagnosed with a deadly disease hence leaving him with 7 days to live.

In preparation for his soon departure, he claims that you are the lucky person to foresee his dream of helping the needy children. What a subtle scam to the ignorant!

This does not mean that there no who is ethical and genuine people working for the best interest of the people. The problem is that there are few rotten apples in the barrel tarnishing the genuineness of the good guys with quality and first class offers.

In order to understand what I mean by this, I am going to get your mind thrilled by what happened between Eric Graham and one of bloggers, Fred as they were working on a DVD interview on “Maters of Online Marketing” which Fred ended up pulling of the market because he was cheated and “misused” by this prosperous marketer.

Eric was interviewed with Fred and after Eric proved to be scam, he was not ready to get his reputation tainted by having people watching him interview this pest who was sucking people’s fortunes through his subtle trainings.

It all started with an interview as highlighted above and Fred felt so lucky to have this “powerful and successful” Eric to introduce him to his email list which he was himself a subscriber.

He pledged and dedicated his time to walking on this DVD project and put all his best effort expecting his business partner to do the same.

They made a good DVD with quality material which could not only sell but also help their target audience. The conversion doctors;  as Eric calls himself, dwells more on how to teach his clients on what will improve their sales.

Through his websites and those of his clients, he has achieved this hence giving him the confidence to call himself so.

Fred purchased one his “special packaged” training services which includes a one day experience with Eric complemented by a whole year’s email coaching but Eric never followed through to its completion.

After several attempts of contacting him failed, he came to realize that there were other people who had bought this “special packages” which even gave them a right to a 4 to 6 phone calls, joint ventures, offloading of Eric’s copywriting works to his clients among other good things which summed to his lies.

All his clients have been tricked into being introduced into the so called huge Rolodex containing big names in internet marketing arena.

Fred had purchased a package valued at $47,000 but was entitled to have $4,997 discount upon Fred preparing a testimonial acknowledging how helpful Eric was to his success. This was a real breakthrough.

All things fall part one day when they came together and worked on an existing product by creating a site which was followed by tweaking sales on letters which was in existence  and worked on a testimonial video about how they had achieved that success.

The recording of the testimonial before Eric could finish helping Fred surprised him but he was not alarmed because he never had any concrete evidence that Eric was playing him.

After Fred returning home, it came to dawn in his mind that Eric had not given him any email to access any of the coaching programs. When he decided to confront him on this, all hell broke loose.

Because Eric’s camera had been used in the interview owing to the reason that Fred’s had jammed, Fred had left his external disc with Eric to transfer the video and he was to ship it later to him.

When he seemed to not work with agency, Fred emailed him and requested to have the disc but his response started to delay every day and he soon ignored him.

From few of the received emails, Eric claimed that he was unable to find the video. Fred worked on his camera and after much effort; he managed to put the video together.

Fred was surprised to note later that Eric was using the testimonials they had worked on together on his business.

The DVD which they worked on was already in the market but Fred was maliciously unsubscribed from the email list hence could not receive any email pertaining to this business.

He realized this when became curious and tried to re-subscribe to Eric’s email list expecting to be informed that he was already a registered subscriber he was surprised that the subscription exercise was successful.

He contacted a buddy of his who confirmed to him that they had received Eric’s blog posts which included the DVD and Fred’s his sales page  link had been sent to them as well. What a surprise! He went to his sale’s page but there was no traffic to it. What was happening? Only Eric could tell.

Over the year, Fred sent emails to Erick sharing his frustrations but this was all in vain because he continued his pursuit of marketing the special packages using Eric’s testimonial.

In short, Erick had forfeited his promise to help Fred to be in touch with “big names” for interviews in his business.

He had used him for his personal gain and no matter any reasonable excuse he can give, he is not to be trusted with his lies of “special packages” Be aware of his offers. For instances, he has come up with “How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Eve” which is worth $1997. Be warned!!!!

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