Is It Necessary To Have A Website.Do You Need A website Of Your Own?

Affiliate marketers have pay-per-click search engines and Google Adwords to thank for their success because they have used them in advertising and sending direct traffic to merchants’ sites through their affiliate links.

They have made large sums of money through “Google cashing” which is formally known as search arbitrage.

Unlike many schools of thoughts, I think “Google cashing” wastes a lot off money which is worthy saving because you expose products to a single chance of having them bought.

From research, it has been discovered that a product requires an average of seven exposures before it is purchased.

Automatically this diminishes the chances of a visitor purchasing a product the first time he/she lands in a merchant’s web site.

This leaves direct sending of visitors to merchants’ website a bad idea because it leaves you with a single opportunity to have products bought.

If merchants could invest in long term cookies, you may count on the possibility of the visitors returning to the merchants’ site on late dates to purchase the product hence making you earn your commission.

The reality is that there is short attention span and short term cookies are set meaning that the visitors will hardly come to the merchant site again.

Another hard fact to admit is that, visitors will hardly click on your Adword 7 times desiring to go back to a merchant because this will overstrain their acquisition costs.

Having your own website will help you solve these challenges because search engines will be play a major role in driving traffic to your site. Besides this, search engines will supply you with free inbound links and directories.

With all these, you will have a lot of visitors who you will direct to the merchant sites. Another essential aspect about running your own website is that you may decide to dwell on a central theme and gather as much relevant content and product as you can.

Their endorsement will enable you to make more sales when your visitors realize that you have other products that interest them.

Another effective way of attracting and maintaining traffic is through developing an email list. It is clear that without a website you will not capture emails from your visitors. If you want to earn ‘big’, use an email list.

Having a website will facilitate easier and faster interaction with your visitors. As mentioned earlier, if you lack a website, you will not have your visitor’s emails, and without this, they will not get back to you because they do not know even whether you exist.

You will need to make follow ups with your visitors if you need them to return to your website.

To avoid sending direct traffic to merchant’s sites will require you to have your website which you will be sending your visitors to using Google Adwords.

Find an incentive like a newsletter, offers from merchants or an email course to trigger your visitors to leave their emails in your site. Make sure that every page of your website contains an email capture form which is easily identified within the page.

The captured emails should be used wisely to build a good relationship with your subscribers.

Every person is in need of great information, especially problem solving information; so through their emails, send them information that will provoke their desire to regularly visit your website for more information.

As the relationship grows, they will learn to trust you and your product endorsement. They will desire to know what brands you will recommend for them.

They are likely to be convinced by your product reviews because they will perceive them genuine that the merchant’s. This is how sales are easily made by third parties.

In a nutshell, you desperately need to have a website if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer because it will give you an opportunity to build your email list which is the greatest asset in affiliate marketing.

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