Is It Possible To Make Money With Fiverr?

Though many may think that it will be a waste of time trying to make money from Fiverr, an experiment conducted to find out the viability of this claim proves that it is possible to make money with Fiverr.

A training video was made on how to achieve this and was uploaded Here and its rights claimed.

It was realized that $5 could be earned hourly but it was realized later that you can achieve higher earning if you are interested in raising an income with Fiverr. Here below are ways you can maximize the outcome.

        i.  You need creating extra gigs in order to earn more money:

 At just $5, a gig can be created but in order to earn more, you need to add extra gigs to it with an aim of charging more for extra services.

For instance, perceive writing a 300 word article as the $5 gig. In conjunction with this gig, you make add an extra service involving writing a 500 word article for $10 and so on.

      ii. Doing and completing the work at once:

 This involves doing a task to completion and sending it or selling it at once without any other extra work to be accomplished on it.

In other words, this may be described as doing upfront jobs. The whole product is to be purchased at once.

It will be easier and simple to manage option (ii) because of its low workload and the experiment highlighted earlier adopted this option. The experiment generated a pack of royalty free music which was sold.

This task generally takes about a half a day to set, Zip and upload the music to the member website; ready for download.

For better returns, it is rewarding making a short video complemented with the music’s samples.

For quality output, Fiverr’s keywords, titles and wording should be worked on. After all is done, selling starts and when a purchase is made, you will only need spending 1-2 minutes responding to the buyers after which you offer a link to where actual music downloading take place.

Results from the experiment

The gig was published on 18th January and the first sale was made to somebody familiar. The following day, a purchase from a stranger made them proud and this was a good sign.

5 sales have been realized so far but more could have been achieved if extra gigs could have been included.

One important things you must be aware of is that the sales achieved are as a result of people searching for the gig because no promotion of this gig has ever been done.

So in a nutshell, if hard work, dedication and extra gigs are used, one can earn enough from Fiverr.

This was just from an experiment meant to prove that one can actually earn from Fiverr. Now that it is evident that it is a viable means of earning, why not dedicate yourself to make it earn highly for you?

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