Making Money With Hub Pages And Earning Residual Income

The first thing I wish to bring into your attention before you go too far is that if you are dreaming of getting a lot of quick money through Hub pages, then you are in for a great disappointment.

As the topic suggests, you will earn a monthly residual income if you work hard.

You must be aware that there are people who are making real money online through this technique. The second aspect is that, you must sign up for you to use Hub pages in order to start using this stream of income.

If you have not tried it out, sign up today and have access to monthly residual income.

Hub pages gain their worthiness as times goes on like any other web pages. The main advantage about Hub Pages is that, it utilizes even a subject with few profitable keywords to build a website.

You can make quick money by whipping out a Hub page by covering a single main keyword plus other few secondary keywords.

Another precious benefit of working with Hub Pages is that they possess authority.  This means that it will receive high Google ranking compared to new websites. Unlike other website pages, Hubpages require very little maintenance once built.

After building the links as required in any other web pages, you will need to update your contents when necessary.  Monetizing of Hub pages is easy with multiple available channels; Amazon, eBay, Kontera and Adsense are but a few of the platforms you use to monetize your Hub pages.

Furthermore, you may decide to make money through affiliate programs using Commission Junction and Sharesale among other networks.

Making money with Hub page

1.      Finding a fascinating subject to write on or a product:

Writing product reviews, especially involving two products which interest people can be the best way to go. Proving a comparison between the products will bring all kinds of people interested to both buy and get more information.

Next to your review, will be a good opportunity to direct your readers from your Hub to either Amazon or any other outlet where they can get the products.

Guide on how to monetize your Hub pages.

       I.    Finding profitable keywords:

This requires a lot of money and you will be disadvantaged if you lack enough money to spend on this.

Keyword Academy members have an advantage over others because they are already familiar with how to obtain the keywords form Niche Refinery which provides green keywords.

You can learn how to get hold of these green keywords.

  • Prepare a list of products you may perceive to be profitable if you are not a Keyword Academy Member: Through Google Keyword tool, find profitable keywords by typing in the list prepared to find exact matches in the left box. You will be looking for keywords with at least 1000 searches every month and a CPC of at least $1.
  • Searching top 3 or 5 websites containing those keyword(s) and their respective authority: Finding out the ranking of the obtained website is necessary. Besides this, you need websites with PR3 so that Hub Pages with links to them will earn them higher ranks.
  • Utilizing eBay and Amazon to find what bestselling products to help you make the list of profitable products: After obtaining the list, do as in (iii) above.

Incase you obtain keywords with low competition but profitable, ensure:

i.   There is good variety of the products obtained in Amazon.

ii.   Ensure that it can be found on eBay it is not a product

iii.  It should have at least 1000 exact searches if exposed to Google keyword toll.

If you end up with a product which is neither found in Amazon nor eBay, then consider using affiliate programs.

           2.    With the obtained profitable keywords, create new Hub from the Hub pages.

          3.   Put keyword in the title.

           4.  From the Hub Pages, choose the most suitable category with an appropriate layout.

           5.    Your keywords require to be used with appropriate tags:

You can be successful in finding relevant tags through typing your main keyword into Google Keyword tools and finding the list of related words. Tags in the Hub pages use these related words.

Click to submit the list build you Hub page with contents but ensuring that the main keyword appears at least 3-5 times.

The Amount of content Hubpages should contain

Though you will earn more if you write more, let the subject of your writing determine the amount of words you can write. You use a hub page of about 500-700 words.

Make sure you include all the primary keywords into your content. Writing your own summary in the box left from the end instead of using the automatic box will be an added advantage.

Above your tags and modules, are several tables. The one located on the right is known as the Group tab. All your related Hubs can be included into related Groups to provide better inner linking to the Hub pages.

Locating Amazon and eBay modules to achieve best results

Owing to the fact that Adsense blocks are automatically inserted into your Hub by Hubpages, there is no preferred location for positioning your Amazon and eBay modules.

Despite this fact, you may find it rewarding locating your eBay and Amazon adds on towards the right of your contents. Put Amazon and eBay ads on the right side of every sub-review in case you are working on multiple products.

You can now publish your hub when you have had everything running. Start building your links to your Hub. You may contemplate using GoArticles or EzineArticles if you are not a Keyword Academy Member with PostRunner access; where you earn a link back your site in exchange for written and submitted articles.

In a nutshell, making money with Hubpages requires patience because; you may not obtain any noticeable income till they are about 6-8 months old. Remember you are in for residual income!

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