Patternicity And Internet Marketing

According to Michael Shermer’s article, patternicity is behind our daily experiences and ways of life.

This can be attributed to evolution where it is believed that, containing a clear pattern and the ability to recognize different patterns helped people in the past to avoid death from carnivores that used to roam around looking for their prey.

Over the years, humans have become better with patternicity hence benefiting by becoming cautious in differentiating between genuine and false alerts as presented to them through their abilities to recognize distinct patterns associated with danger.

The only limitation to patternicity is that; it has a hardwired circuitry into human brains which takes time to recognize all the recognizable patterns.

Patternicity has a lot to do with all aspects of daily events and experiences. Shermer argues that the human brains are belief engines because they work as evolved pattern-recognizing machines capable of connecting dots and form out of them patterns which we usually think that we see in our daily activities.

From the patterns, A is sometimes related to B and sometimes it is not. Our brains are faster in putting things together than we actually think of them. This is the reason why people often react faster in danger through reflex actions which leave people around them cursing them.

When reacting to a spider climbing your pillow, it is not only because of fear but because of the desire to struggle to survive. Evolution points out to survival of the fittest ones through natural selection.

One day, a man was riding home at night with his son and the son asked, “dad, did you see that billboard of a truck?” the father had not been keen so he told his that he had not seen it.

The son inquired whether people looked like signs with lights on them as he looked at his father. Now this is where the lesson lies about patternicity in regard to internet marketing.

If you can manage to put the right patterns in your advertising materials, people will be stopping in their trucks to appreciate looking at them. You fail to achieve this; none will be interested to look at your advertisements.

In order to know what works best with people, you should work harder in experimenting and researching besides frequent testing.

You should do something that will attract and compel people because every second your customers will be looking at your sales page, they will have a lot of microseconds to analyze the page and make critical decisions.

Their reading of the page depends on their pattern recognition responses because, they are meant to read it upon positive response.

While reading it, their pattern recognition engine stills runs in the background to shape their reading morale.

If it is good, their engines will recognize it and they will continue reading and vice versa.  If you have uninteresting long paragraphs, the engine will dictate them to skip through the paragraphs because there nothing interesting to it.

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