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Pinterest is not only an effective way of driving traffic to your site but it is also fun and addictive to users.  Though some people may have a contrary opinion regarding this, let us see how interesting and easy it can be using pinterest.

It involves pinning content and acquiring followers. The pinning part is very easy because you only need to locate a photo and clicking the “Pin it” bottom.

The image goes up with a link to the particular place that the image originated. You can then go an extra step to add description to it if so wish.

Getting followers can be a nasty experience if you do not pull the right strings. You can end up receiving very few followers hence ending up having a disappointing business.

It is not all about having many boards and pins on your page but it needs using the group board option in Pinterest. This new feature helps you to invite people to pin on your boards.

Another easy and most effective way will be asking people with group boards for permission to pin on their boards. In order to identify a group board, you should look for the little group icon located at the top of the board.

It is easy finding group boards in your category through this link. You should scroll down the group directory page to find a group board related to your niche and obtain unbelievable numbers of followers.

You may be lucky to land on a good owner who has outlined instructions on how you can get his/her invite to allow you pin to his/her board.  You can contact the owner through an email and seek her/her consent and invite.

After pinning to your owner’s board, you may have followers repinning your pins and following you; something I am sure will surprise you. Continue pinning on his/her board within reasonable intervals and you will have the number of your followers steadily increasing.

What you must do for success

I.   You must have at least ten boards and a lot of pins if you expect people to allow you pin to their boards. This means that for starters, it will be an up hill task coming up with this number of boards and pins.

II.   You should have high quality pins: Automated and unworthy pins should be avoided when creating boards because you will want to impress people looking at your boards.

III.   Your boards should possess pins related to your niche. People will easily ignore you if you post pins unrelated to your group board and at the worst case scenario, you will get banned.

In order to make people repin your pins, you should choose boards relevant to your niche or category.  For more insights on how you can set up your pinterest page, visit the Yummy Muffins and see how all these has been put into practice.

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