Politics And Business Alike Rely On Stupid People

Do not be skeptical but relax and read on to hear me out because the title suggests that heavy stuff is on your way. To kick it off, let me start with what we are familiar with; Barack Obama’s election as our president.

I respect our president and all those who voted for him but let us face it; he has a lot of informed elites who are really behind him and gave him the much needed support to the white house but I am sorry to say that there are stupid, uninformed and apathetic people who utilized twice their dedication to see him to the throne.

Nothing could change their decided minds even if Jesus was running against him. You will not be surprised to know that many of the people who voted for McCain comprised of more informed people.

Legions of blind supporters who have willingly become ignorant about how our government works, who is to be elected and what are the responsibilities of leaders are elected, have made Barak Obama to ascend into the throne.

The truth is that Barak Obama is a typical representation of political marketing and social proof.

In the business arena, frequent commercials complemented with constant ads are a clear and open way to give room to the government, groups of people and business to install in our minds what they want us to believe. Social proof is one of the strongest arsenals used against people’s perception on different aspects of life.

The best way it works is to make people see that what is treated as wrong is normal among people.

People are slowly “programmed” to believe that what they want us to do is normal by proving that other people are doing it and they are still leading normal lives.

If these proves are shown to people on a regular basis, they soon believe, adopt them and follow suite. If you doubt this, the Obama campaign can give more evidence.

This does not mean that everybody is stupid but majority of the people are ignorant or stupid; even both. By this I mean that people subconsciencely prefer to be followers of what others think and do instead of making their own sober and informed decisions.

I am sure there are citizens out there who had inner strong convictions that Barack Obama was not the best choice but still ended up voting for him because everyone else was behind him.  

Another example is the consumption of fast foods. How many despite the knowledge that fast foods are unhealthy still do take them because everyone is doing so?

Do you fear standing alone in the multitude and be numbered? How may of the parents who are fully aware of how sexually charged raps corrupt their kids’ minds  and still leave them glued to their TVs listening to such music? I know that many claim that every child does it and why not their. Be admonished.

In a nutshell, social proof is awesome among the smart people, the stupid ones and those not so-smart. The difference is that although the smart people follow as well, they realize what is at stake but 90% of the population follows blindly.

This means that even the smart people are ensnared with social proof as well.

This is the reason why both politics and business rely heavily on stupid people because they slowly make us believe what they intend to beam into our conscience and thus follow the tune of their awful music.

They frequently repeat what they want the public to buy to make it real among us and awaken our interests into buying what they have for us or vote for what they “impose” on us.

They have enslaved and crippled our conscience thus stripping off our right to make free and fair minded decisions on what we want.

Dawood Mossad

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