Promoting Products On Clickbank

Promoting Clickbank products has proved to be complex for some people and thus many will seek to know which product should be promoted.

It is however difficult to explain to someone directly concerning what to be done. This is because it involves many things that may be difficult to explain.

One can therefore consider dealing with their areas of specialty, hobbies or passion. However, not many people want to think through all that.

There is no standard answer about which product  is to be promoted at Clickbank as many would expect. It would be easy if that was the way things work.

Since it is difficult to tell someone what to sell directly, one can thus look at how to determine what product to promote at Clickbank. By inquiring in this way, one can be able to get a solution.

Before going further, it is important to explain what Clickbank is. This is an online digital products’ marketplace. So far, it is the largest and it provides a meeting place for vendors and marketers.

Vendors create the products and marketers promote as well as sell the products. There is a very wide range of products for all sorts of categories that one can think of.

Clickbank is mostly preferred because payments are done in a safe and secure way. Their massive database of affiliates is attributed to this fact. There are five pointers as to how one can select a product to promote at Clickbank.

Filters and Gravity

It is common for many first-time visitors at Clinkbank to get lost or confused. This is because of the thousands of products available at the marketplace. When one is searching for something, the most popular products will be given priority for display.

This may not however mean that you will get more conversions or sales. Therefore popularity should not be the sole thing to look out for. The other pointer is to check out a product’s gravity.

This is by reviewing its performance in the last 12 weeks i.e. successful sales that have been made by affiliates that are unique.

For example, if a product has a gravity of 200 and over, then it has good prospects because it has been selling. Another way to conduct a search which will narrow down the scope is using “Filters”.

This is a tool that is available for use at Clickbank. This ensures that results are filtered depending on various factors.

One can thus say that by using “Filters” you are improving your results. Below are examples as to how “Filters” can be used:

  • One can determine recurring payments by looking at the total of the average rebill.
  • Determine the gravity score in terms of minimum m and maximum for the various products.
  • If you want to know the amount of money to be earned, you can find out the initial earning for  every sale.

Find out the longevity

One may earn a big commission  from an item with a very high ticket. However this will not be very beneficial because the sale will only happen once.

It is thus important to look for products that will establish a commitment with a customer for a long time. This is what is termed as rebills.

This therefore means that you will be getting commissions that will be deposited to your account for the coming months as payments are made by that customer.

This means you can be making profits for years to come down the line for just one sale at the beginning least you will be doing nothing to earn that money. This can be said to be passive income.

Look out for the backend

Everyone desires to have a backend that is good. What people do not know is that a smart affiliate is the one who understands a backend value better that anyone else.

Before engaging yourself  to market any product it, is important to look at a number of things. First is the sales funnel of a vendor. The ultimate goal is to derive the best benefits that can be obtained from a product.

Knowing the sales funnel will help you to achieve this objective or goal. Hence, find out its pricing as well as its upsells. If there are one-time offers its good to determine their values and review the pages of sales.

Some vendors provide pages of affiliates which you can look at or you can inquire one on one with the vendor. The highly rated vendor often provide the required information i.e. whether upsells are there and what a product is all about.

The tools page of the affiliates

Any good vendor worth dealing with ensures that he/she provides a tools page of affiliates. If this kind of support is provided by a vendor, one should go for such products because they will make life easier.

For you to reach customers by coming up with a campaign, a lot is required to be done.

This task is made easier by the tools pages. This is because there are banner ads that are designed by professionals, reports that are given away for free, lists of keyword target and so forth.

With all these, you will have an efficient flow of work that is much better. This means that before your reader goes to the landing page, preselling will be much easily done.

Direct contact with the vendor

Sometimes you can come across people who review certain products that they themselves have never used. Interestingly, it may be that they have not seen them either.

If one does this, the audience will neither respect nor trust you. In the event that they finally buy a product but it fails to meet the customer’s expectations, you will be viewed as a liar.

It is thus important to obtain a copy of a review directly from the vendor by contacting him/her. The other option is to directly buy the product. This will enable you to observe how the vendor deals with customers and testing of the product as well.

This will help you in decision making as to whether you will promote the particular product or not. It is a risky venture because if a product that you promote does not meet customer expectations, there maybe friction between you and your audience.

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