Robots Clicking On Google Adsense Ads.The Junk Traffic In The Advertising Industry

It is bad news to know that robots actually click on Ads. As early as 2004, it was realized that Crawlers could fetch JavaScript files. For along time, there has been research aimed at necessary execution of JavaScript by Bing, Google and other crawler operators.

Google through Matt Cutts confirmed on 25th April 2015 that Google had the ability of processing a bit of JavaScript since people were using it in navigation. This had become evident from Matt’s unceasing request to people to allow Googlebot in JavaScript.

Back in the days when people depended on Yahoo Site Explorer in reviewing backlink profiles, many SEOs did not understand that most of the links reported by this tool were short lived and embedded in JavaScript.

Amazon Website services are so victims of these deceitful crawlers by executing JavaScript. This can be proved by experiencing large hordes of invalid clicks on AdSense Ads and having all the traffic blocked.

You can do this by adding “deny from” to your .htaccess file. This is harmful incase you are using social media buttons and widgets because it will affect effective communication with legitimate services.

Examples of rogue crawler tools:

  • Unidentified Web surfing tools
  • Blog and social monitoring services.
  • Broken link checkers.
  • Tools used in hacking web-based logins
  • Tools used in fetching RSS feeds
  • Search engine crawlers.
  • Tools used in SEO backlinks
  • Tools used in capturing SEO date
  • Tools used in web pre-fetching
  • Web scrapping software.

Besides the above listed crawlers, there are more sophisticated ones which accept and remember cookies, execute some JavaScript and Flash as does a normal web browser.

One of the platforms that have empowered rogue crawlers is the open source Mozilla. With this, websites receive inflated traffic.

In some instances, there is more than 50% traffic coming from these social media services and crawlers. By now it is evident that it will unethical using these tools on people’s websites without their consent.

You can have explicit or implicit permission from website owners through tobots.txt. It will be ethical honoring robots.txt with all crawler tools at your disposal. Still with all this, you can access what real visitors to your website are doing.

This is achievable with analytical software capable of filtering either by IP address or/and domain to reduce inflated traffic. With a good analytic package, robots will be aggressively filtered for you.

In a nutshell, robots can click on Ads because the only requirements include execution of JavaScript, grabbing returned links and fetching them. This is a daily event in millions of websites but the good news is that not all JavaScript can be executed by robots.

Although it is a comforting assumption that robots can only execute simple JavaScript, there are different levels of sophistication among various rogue robots. The most painful reality is that these rogue robots are draining your money, time, resources and making a lot of money to others.

You should contemplate blocking all these rogue robots because you do not owe them.  Crawl activities involving crawl spam are becoming alarming to millions of websites.

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