Social Media Marketing Fails and Associated Lessons to be Learnt

The most important thing that you must always keep sight of while doing social media marketing is the objectives of your business.  At take off, most social campaigns seem very promising but companies soon lose sight of their purpose and indulge in seeking popularity.

Nevertheless, there are companies which engage in wild risks and yet succeed. Risk can be justifiable by the reward achieved through it. In order to drive this point home, let us have a closer look at some examples where risks are apparent from the start

The #IatetheBones tagline by KFC has not achieved its purpose and it seams to offer miscommunications about the real brand which was to be launched on April 4th.

This campaign was given a massive budget of $50 million but it is sickening to note that they did not see any negativity associating their food with dead bodies and sexual innuendo.

As a result of this, the sentiment analysis tools awards 51% positive buzz around the campaign. In short, from a sample of 20 tweets, this hashtag campaign generated 74% negativity though it amounted to high rates of popularity.

People commented a lot about it but they shared memes of people choking.

The campaign went viral as people started sharing videos of animal rights tagged with this campaign. Social sites got flocked with such kind of videos as the brand become common but not all people received it well.

One of the areas where they failed is including “bone” invites because it instigated cannibalistic commentary and odd phallic. Although they wanted to create suspense about “where is the beef”, they concentrated on becoming popular than meeting their purpose.

If this campaign does not pick up in the future though is seems unlikely, then; it is on its downfall and soon or later people will not tweet.

You should be sure that people like you before counting on user generated content

In this example we are going to see a food giant known as The First Food Giant. McDonald started a campaign-#McDStories which started slowly with two tweets. The tweets shared information regarding the employees, suppliers and foods.

He under-estimated the power of viral marketing and it soon caught up with people who shared what they thought of his campaigns. His tweets gave insight about making good meals to abusing animals and a lot more.

No doubt that this was bad branding though it remained a topic of comment and talk among people even a year after. According to McDonald, the campaign did not succeed the way he intended it to be.

In short, it failed though it gained the Food giant publicity.  Though the sales did not suffer loss,  the money spent in the campaign did.

One petty but stupid social mistake is capable of ruining the long-time built reputation

Belvedere decided to incorporate some creativity in there Facebook and twitter pages but they ended up tarnishing the reputation they had worked very hard to build.

Instead of people getting their intended message that Belvedere went down quickly with their customers, a rape scene was all that was portrayed by their page.

Instead of endorsing the alcoholic beverage to their customers, the scene was too destructive and it became hard to undo the damage it had caused.  Although the company’s spokesmen expressed how sorry they were, nobody seemed to care.

A list of some of the mentions in the social site campaigns that did not seem well

 i.  American apparel’s classless hurricane sandy sale.

ii.  Microsoft’s war on Android phones by mobilizing Windows phone twitter followers to tarnish Android through #DroidRage. It never turned out good for Microsoft as this eventually worked against them.

iii. A name campaign instigated by kia to force Cheezburger brand out of the internet. The coattails raid was not well received.

Although marketers are always seeking ways to pull popular and crazy things that are extremely risky, the truth is that it may not be necessary to spend a lot of money in those risky campaigns if you can not evaluate the magnitude of the risk and how effective you can be in controlling the social audience.

Tips on how to succeed without appearing on the fail Blog

        i.   Understanding the purpose of your social site. This can be done by considering the purpose of the social marketing strategy. You may be in need of:

  • Influencing buyers
  • Gaining your community’s insights
  • Building of brand’s authority and visibility
  • Promoting products and services
  • Driving of traffic to your website
  • Increasing search visibility

You may be working in a combination of the above goals but the most important part is; knowing and understanding them.

ii.  Finding the right tactics and ways to help your brand achieve your goals. Social marketing checklists are important in finding the correct people to work with and the effective processes you need.

iii.  Measuring and improving the social strategy as you keep in mind that social presence is part of your business extension. People are always watching and listening to whatever you do hence move with a lot of care and wisdom.

iv.  Work with agencies and professionals who value both your progress and reputation. They should work to protect your brand and always go for the agency partners who value brand loyalty, performance, tangible results as opposed to neither cutesy campaigns nor “buzz”

If you do not have a clue of what you are doing in social marketing, please do not try anything that may lead to the collapse of your business. Because something is popular, it does not make it profitable in your business.

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