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With an ever increasing use of social networks in promoting of businesses, many social media gurus have spent their resources in providing tips and tricks to help people marketers realize huge incomes from social medias.

Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace have been widely adopted by many marketers as better platforms for promoting businesses. Alongside the tips and tricks, you need to be careful when using these social networks in order to realize the best results.

Here below are some of the social networking rules to be embraced by those ready to  build better business relationships with their target audience.

Social networking rules to be observed

        i.  Use common sense:

Critically and thoroughly-thought contents should be posted because it will be open to criticism and scrutiny by the public.  Be weary of how people might/will interpret your contents.

Always be careful to post positive, solid, captivating and quality contents which will not taint your name. Even if you are working for a firm, do not post what will hurt your customers and tarnish the image of the firm because people actually read your posts, make their comments and share them across the network.

You need not to be told what to post but, weigh the magnitude of the outcome.

ii.   Be personal:

People will follow you because they are interested in you and want to know what is going around you that will impress them. Have you ever noticed how people are crazy about the gossip magazines?

This is because they want to know what their favorite celebrities are up to and what is “behind the scenes” in their personal lives.

Although you are not a celebrity, be personal and let your readers know something about your personal life that will interest them. It may be your kids, pets or posting something humorous that people may identify with.

    iii.  Using your real name is essential:

Remember that you need to create a following and a good relationship with your audience hence you should not hide your real name from them. You are creating all this around your identity.

    iv.  You should slowly add new networks:

There are many social networks out there but take you time to understand how each of them works before using them. Do not take all of them head on but use set one account at a time and use it till you are comfortable with it before exploring new challenges.

      v.  Link your social networks:

  Link all your social networks so that your followers will be to see that you have other accounts apart from the current one they are following.

    vi.  Keep your social networks updated:

After setting up several social networks, you should exercise self-discipline to update all of them. Some may be configured to automatic updates and others which require manual updates should be attended as well.

It is a good practice to update all of them and make regular posts on them although, if you will not manage to achieve this at once, make sure that you post all important information on all or majority of the accounts.

  vii.  Avoid being sell-minded but instead tell:

It is difficult to make direct sells through your social networks. The best way to benefit from social networks is creating a following and communicating with your target audience as you direct them to your main website/sales site.

       viii     Interact with your followers:

As highlighted above, the main purpose of a social network is to network. You must learn how to entertain your followers and answer their questions if any.Follow their comments and manage their interaction as well. Answer the questions you can and be wise on how to deal with them when provoked.

     ix.   The professionalism of our account must match your business:

Avoid taking part in unprofessional games, toys and surveys but rather keep yourself with what you do that has earned the respect and the following you are enjoying.

People follow you because of the level of your professionalism, your enthusiasm on their needs and the person you claim to be.

In conclusion, social networks are used in interacting with followers with an aim of creating a community and rapport needed for survival and success in internet marketing and business at large.

Stay close to your followers to comment on your posts, answering their questions and engaging them in personal conversations. Make them feel what you are providing them and they will stick with you like glue.

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