Starting A Blog.10 Things To Accomplish On Your Blog On Your First Day

The journey to being successful in blogging is very rough and only the patient and persevering will make it by watching their progressing on a daily basis. Because of this reason, blogging has to start from somewhere.

  It all starts with having a quality domain followed by hosting it and installing your WordPress. First,I am briefly going to highlight prerequisites to be considered before purchasing a domain.

  • You must have a well defined audience with problems which you are sufficient enough to tackle.
  • In order to possess an even deeper understanding of your niche, read free eBooks, posts and other comments related to your niche in order to find out how bloggers in your niche have achieved doing what they do.

 Technical aspects to take care of before writing any particular post

            i.  Burning your blog with FeedBurner

The most crucial must-do technical thing in any major blog is to acquire a Google tool called the FeedBurner which is responsible for serving your RSS Feeds. The steps involved in getting it include;

  • Locate
  • Using your Google account, sign In
  • By Plopping you URL in the box, burn your feed and click next
  • Select your Feed.

In order to give your subscribers a privilege of residing under one roof, this must be the first technical task to perform.

      ii.  Provide Opt-in Forms

Another important asset in succeeding is having a quality email list. Through call to action, motivate many people to subscribe to you blog. The Opt-in forms are important in creating an email list so; they must be prepared eelier enough for this purpose.

Regardless of the email subscriber option preferred, past your copied code in one of the following areas:

  • At the top of a sidebar
  • Below posts
  • Footer
  • Home page
  • Right side of the header.

    iii. Properly writing your About Page

This acts as the spokesperson for your site because it will receive a lot of visitors wanting to know the people behind your site. The visitors are eager to find out what your site is offering them, the expert and expertise behind the site and you should be personal through your stories.

All these three concerns should be each followed by an Opt-In box. On this page, utilize it as your sales letter to give people an unequivocal reason why they should be interested in your site and buy from you. If this will be carefully taken care of, they will be compelled to frequently revisit your site making Opt-In achievable.

    iv.  Contact Page creation is essential

After successfully writing the About page, create a contact page bearing your contact information and the contact form. Under the contact information, list all you legible email address, Facebook, Skype Id, Google+ and any other relevant contact details.

Contact forms are beneficial to those calling you directly from the site. Use either CAPTICHA or Contact Form 7 plugins to add a contact form. After taking care of all these technical components, you will move to the next part which the most important.

Content Creation

      v.  Category choosing

WordPress blogs require choosing categories for one’s posts in order to easily organize site for both search engine and people. You will be retrieving your archived posts on your category page depending on the category you had chosen.

In order to set up your category page, visit the posts and then click on categories. It is important to include your introductory headlines and Meta data.

    vi.  Chose pillar articles for your site

Each created category requires a pillar article. A pillar article is an ultimate resource post comprising of links to your multiple, in-depth articles. Mostly, this article receives a lot of traffic hence you may contemplate creating a navigation menu for it.

  vii. Create a List of Blog Posts through Brainstorming

Wisely brainstorm various posts after choosing your pillar articles and categories in order to build you editorial calendar. The posts to be used must be relevant to your niche and specifically fitting within the scope of your chosen categories.

Above all, this posts must be problem solving. In order to find out which keywords and posts people are looking for, perform a little keyword research and in the long, you will be having a filtered list.

viii. Creating an Editorial Calendar

This simply means having a plan of blog posts to be published on specific days.  This can be achieved by using of Editorial Calendar Plugin or simply scheduling your post in your calendar/planner. Although this step is not very necessary, it will keep you prompted in working with deadlines to make timely post to your blog.

     ix. Write a ton of Posts

Do not commit a mistake often committed by new bloggers who tell their readers about their new blogs when they hardly have posts ready and they are soon frustrated when updating tasks begin. Depending on your seriousness, before publishing any post, make sure you have the following number of posts:

  • 5 posts for recreational bloggers is a good start: You can start telling people about your blog after publishing three posts and scheduling the rest.
  • 10 posts for intermediate bloggers: These are meant to test whether you enjoy blogging.
  • 20 Posts for serious bloggers is good benchmark: Those contemplating to better their business should have at least 20 posts ready before publishing their first post.
  • 50 posts for career bloggers a better starting point: You should write a minimum of 50 posts before telling anybody about your new blog because it becomes a tedious work keeping up with the demanding posting schedule.

       x.  Your Funnel System require excellent strategy

The final thing to do before telling anybody about your blog is to determining what you desire people to do. This is the goal of your site and it must be carefully thought of on how to harness its potential to achieve the goal.

You may be in need of subscribers or customers but the funnel system is the same. It starts with Read, then Free Report or auto responder series, followed by blog post broadcast and finally, purchase.

Wooing somebody into buying from you is a long process that requires patience and developing of relationship. A person has to trust you well enough to buy from you.

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