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What is the Difference between a Blog, Website, CMS and Website Builders?

People have used these terms liberally till many have been left wondering whether there exists a difference between the four. In order to understand them better, here is there definition according to Wikipedia. A Content Management System (CMS) can be described as a computer application responsiblefor creating, editing, managing, searching and publish different kinds of […]

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Social Networking Common Sense

With an ever increasing use of social networks in promoting of businesses, many social media gurus have spent their resources in providing tips and tricks to help people marketers realize huge incomes from social medias. Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace have been widely adopted by many marketers as better platforms for promoting businesses. Alongside the tips […]

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Why Embrace The Blog Post As The New Ad?

Blogging has undergone a lot of metamorphosis in order to have what we call content creation and online marketing which heavily relies on blogging. It was considered a marketing complementary tool when brands realized how an effective creating content for SEO was besides creating brand awareness. Social media gave the blogging metamorphic process a setback […]

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5 Tips Of Marketing Your Site

Offering high quality and relevant content to your visitors is the best way you can ever market your website with an aim of triggering your prospects’ interest and making them stay at your site. In many cases, many marketers have devoted their time in optimizing their site purely for search engines but you should be […]

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