The Three Real Facts on the World Wide Web

Internet has provided a happy and peaceful virtual home for many internet users who intimately find their desires quenched through it. People tend to own the freedom to use the internet in expressing themselves to the whole world which seems to contain listening people.

Fun through You tube has made many spend many hours online to benefit from TV shows and movies.

With the introduction of Facebook and Tweeter, the world has become a global village where you express your feeling, opinions and communicate with the whole world and receive regular updates from your audience.

The feelings and attachment derived from the internet are too touching that people become glued to it.

One mistake that people make is thinking that they are anonymous and their activities associated with internet use do not have grim legal consequences. 

Here are some three grim legal realities that you should be aware of as you make internet a safer virtual home.

I.  You are not anonymous:

Internet users always think that by using fake names and separate emails, they remain anonymous. They fail to understand that they leave their digital footprints wherever they visit.

These foot footprints if need be, they can be traced back to them. This means that, if you need to by-pass recognition by your spouse or boss on the internet, you will require being thoroughly equipped with every precaution needed to make you anonymous.

This is a difficult task to accomplish. This means that, the secret of your real identity only depends on the intention and the interest behind the person needing it.

You can do what you want with relative safety but when civic or criminal laws are broken, you will be left with no choice than to pull resources to find the right skills to make you remain anonymous but; there is hardly a person who will cover all trails.

II.  Everything you say can be or is Public:

There is nothing that is privately done on the internet. Many believe that communication through emails to either a single or multiple recipients is private but, it is not.

A deleted email hangs for a while something which makes it available to third parties through subpoena.

Secondly, the sent emails are not encrypted hence; they can be read while on transit like any other postcard.

Lastly, there is no simpler way of sending a snail mail to larger audience. Another challenge to privacy of mails is the failure of the government to differentiate between communications to a single recipient and multiple recipients in disclosure issues to third parties.

III.  You can not control your appearance online:

You can control people from accessing what you write on the internet but you can not delete it. Any material which may put you in a compromising situation with the law should make you spend your energies in recovering damages than struggling to remove them.

Avoid drawing a lot of attention to what you wish to be unnoticed. Excessive recover attempts will incite the curiosity of people and you will be at a risk of facing Streisand Effect.

In conclusion, remaining anonymous is a hard task to achieve and if you can not completely trust the privacy of you actions and words, be careful not to have them printed all over the internet and you be in shock when the law enforcers will be after you.

The courts of public opinion and court of law are ready to determine the fate of your decisions on the internet when you find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Be careful not to burn your virtue house.


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