Tips On Making Money From Your EBook without Actually Selling It

Many internet marketers use eBooks to make good amounts of money online. This is not a hard task because you do not need to own a website or actually sell your eBook in order to make money.

To start with, you only need to write a short eBook on a topic you are well familiar with and you have a passion talking about it. It should be well written to display your capability to be an important resource to your target audience.

In it, incorporate multiple relevant affiliate links to products within the eBook. Here below is what you ought to do to make money from your eBook without having to actually sell it.

          i.  Find a topic of your interest and passion

It will be much easier writing about what you know and enjoy writing about. It may be a bit challenging writing about an unfamiliar topic because it will take more time researching on it.

        ii. Have products to promote in your eBook

Before you start writing your eBook, you should find products which may be added into your eBook so that you can make some sells. It will be a waste of time writing an eBook which will not sell any product.

Affiliate networks like, Clickbank,, and among others possess a lot of products which you may consider adding to your eBook.

All these companies are free to join and above all, Clickbank may be worthy your interest because you can work with it even if you do not have a website. Finding products relevant to your topic is a crucial prerequisite to starting writing your eBook.

      iii.  Start Writing

Writing is not a scary exercise if you are used to writing contents. The best approach to give this exercise is to divide your eBook into sections. Start writing down dot-points about each section and explicitly exhausting each section.

At this stage, do not worry concerning their flow and readability but gather as many relevant points to every section as possible. Next, try expanding on each dot-point with a sub-point and you will have lots of contents within no time.

After achieving this, go back and make your points coherent, readable and sensible. Lastly, you will need to write the introduction section because you could have had a comprehensive view of your eBook. If you can not write all this by yourself, you can hire a professional writer from Elance at a reasonable budget.

      iv.   Add Affiliate Links

Your affiliate links should be added either to the content or at the end of the list of recommended products. Make sure that your links are relevant to the content and products to which they are added.

        v.  Convert it to PDF

Your eBook need to be in PDF format. There are many conversions available but you should be careful to ensure that the content is correctly formatted with effectively working links. You should understand that there are converts which work better than others but I am recommending these to you;

vi.  You MUST proofread your eBook.

You may be having a good content but the presence of spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors make it vague to your readers. In order to avoid this, do a thorough reading through your content and run a spell check through it to make sure it is free from errors.  You may seek help from professional proofreaders or friends and family.

    vii. Distribution of your eBook

There are 4 major ways you can distribute your eBook. These include:

  • Through email directories. Do a Google search to choose from the many directories.
  • May prefer creating Squidoo lens and provide your readers with an opportunity of downloading your attached eBook.
  • Submit to forums.
  • You may seek help from websites related to your topic by emailing them and requesting them to send out your eBook to their huge email lists or offer it as a free gift to those signing up to their sites.
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