Tips To Managing Email overload

Keeping an ever increasing inbox may be worrying especially when you lack enough time to give it the required attention.

Though at first it feels good to have many people contacting you through phone and emails, it soon looses its amusements and you start compromising your time assigned to particular to-do lists to look into the over swelling inbox.

Some are forced to switch off their cell phones to look into them but they can not control the spieling inbox.

You may resolve to deal with the most agent tasks but tackling your emails is another malignant cancer which needs critical attention. When all goes about of control, you may resolve to email suicide.

Email suicide is a desperate move that one takes to control the situation by deleting his/her current inbox to pave way for new mails.

This decision is suicidal as the name suggests and hence; one may decide to take time to deal with his/her inbox by having to read a fraction of them everyday.

This is cumbersome but it can apply to those not contemplating email suicides.  Another difficult task is dealing with Spam folder emails.

Spam filters are not always efficient because you may find a few false positives. There are people who receive thousands of spam emails and they as well declare suicide on them.

There is need to know how to deal with voluminous mails you receive. Gmail users may prefer using the Gmail’s filter functionality to automatically sort of the emails upon receiving them.

Besides this, you can use an extended feature through which you will add special labels that will work to your advantage.

In order to set this features, select the Lab tab upon Logging into your account and activate the superstar add-on. Use settings option to customize the superstars to your preference.

Another option that you can put into test includes using of different email accounts for different purposes. You may have a specific email account for newsletter signups and blog comments.

All emails from websites and blogs will be forwarded to this emails account. A second email account properly with a local ISP may be open to friends, relatives and close contacts in that emails forwarded to this account are usually given a higher priority.

Lastly, you can have an email account that you will use to sign up newsletters from all your competitors so that you look into the contents of the mails at will. All the three accounts are easily managed by Windows Live Mail that sorts your mails.

Put in place filters and folders to ensure that everything goes to the designated folder. This may not be the perfect system but it helps in sorting the mails and helping you to direct your attention to most agent mails.

POP3 access and Mozilla Thunderbird are other useful resources that can be used in sorting your emails.

It effectively integrates with Gmail so set up different folders that will give you an easy task when you pull the emails from the server because through thunderbird, you will have your mails sorted.

Geeks can settle for IMAP access to Gmail. The local email program helps you sort your emails according to your preference and manage them. Get one today and be happy in sorting your emails.

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