Turning Your Profile Into Your Portfolio On LinkedIn

How boring do you think the web can be without graphics? I guess it will be sickening to use the web. It is a fact that people prefer to have grids of photos to skim through instead of having to read large contents for information.

Have you not heard that a picture is worthy a thousand words? In order to market yourself and other online marketing businesses which need to be promoted, marketers have turned their attention to visual portfolios instead of resumes.

In response to the changing marketing arena, LinkedIn has come up with a feature to empower your LinkedIn portfolio through easy uploading of your photos, videos and presentation.

In order to find the right person for your job in LinkedIn, you need to have enough proof of your prospect contractor’s work experience from previous contracts. This is the prerequisite to get your contract done for by the right contractor.

You need to know the contactor’s talents and styles. In order to do that, the contractor’s previous works should be translated into pictures.

Photographers, film makers, graphic designers, fashion designers and artists among other professionals should contemplate embracing this technology.

How do you cater for those who do not read and understand any data on your resume? Using photos in your portfolio is the way to go. You may prefer to use stock images in order to communicate to your target audience.

For instance you can easily help you audience to infer from your photos that you have ever worked in an office as an intern through an array of stock photos in an office environment.

As a marketing tool, you should provide of more compelling evidence that will make your prospect clients feel fooled. As much you are using photos, it does not mean you use any photos just because you think they are cool.

People need to see photos containing your previous work. Use photos of previously designed websites, examples of ad campaign created with your skills or a party plan done by you among other photos related to your field.

People do not need photos of clustered desks because this will make you a petty contractor.

The only complaint which can be raised about LinkedIn is that this technology requires people with traditional work history. This could be better if they could find a separate profile template for self employed people who are known to work with clients and not employers.

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