Using Optimized And Socialized Content Marketing To Increase Demand For Your B2B Business

With over 90% of B2B marketers going for content marketing, there is an increased competition for attention. In the quest to implement traditional SEO, there is an increased battle with Google indexing and algorithm updates and masking of data hence thwarting SEO optimization.

This does not nullify in any way search’s importance because it is very vital in finding answers about daily business lives. Out of the 100 billion queries handled by Google on a monthly basis, it is only 16% of the queries that are new.

DemanGen report highlights that 81% of B2B buyers commence their journey of finding solution through search. This means that through harnessing content performance in search by unceasing optimization, it is easy to attract, engage and convert.

In order to have a good user experience, there must be an excellent SEO strategy.

In order to achieve results out of organic search optimization in the social and content marketing oriented world, you should make a distinction that most of SEO deals with anticipating demand.

The power of social media and content marketing in creating awareness and interest for services and products from B2B through buzz and education is awesome.

When companies get this distinction right, it is easier for them to achieve more with their online marketing strategies.

This is because they will turn their SEO energies to optimizing what their customers are interested in. There are high chances of getting more from search discoveries through paid and earned media content.

Another option of achieving this include using tactical SEO approach which comprises of identifying popular keywords that are relevant to the content being worked on and implementing a mix of social media promotions, technical SEO audits, SEO copywriting and linking.

This aims at creating or improving search engine signals. Strategic SEO entails creating purchase awareness among customers, advocacy, planned content and demand triggering activities like promotions, public relation, advertising, offline events and media.

In a nutshell, having strategic SEO is crucial among companies to help in getting the best value out of their media and content investment because they are easily found by relevant prospects

SEO Optimizing for Demand:

In-case there is need to use search engine to increase inbound leads, a relevant keyword search on competitors and existing content will be conducted with an aim of finding keywords with high demand based on particular product features and relevant solved problems within the specific market segment.

After this, you should prepare a keyword glossary from relevant and popular phrases. This glossary is to be mapped through copy-writing, site promotion and links to the existing website content ready for optimization. Although there is more to SEO than this; these are but a few basics embraced and implemented by many companies.

Demand triggering Content:

A company may decide to take an alternative path and invest in a content marketing strategy aimed at developing information responsible for creating awareness, consideration and interest in a particular channel or market.

The information provided by the content will be as well aimed at influencing inquiries and supporting sales. This strategic initiative can be supported by advertising, social networks, media relation, media interactive, offline events and email marketing.

Education meant for creating awareness instead the usual “Buy now!”, creates enough awareness in the sales cycle and plays an important role in promoting B2B brands.

Having Optimized and Socialized Content;best case scenario

Fundamental digital initiative takes into account working with well planed information aimed at providing beneficial isights regarding sales cycle.

It is important you get yourself aware and engaged because B2B buyers work themselves out through 70% of the buying cycle. You can have an advantage over many companies which fail to apply social media and search optimization best practices in making content “the best answer”  for engaging online prospects.

Due to strategic content marketing, SEO should be seriously dealt with than perceiving it as a checklist item. When dealing with demand creation effort, you should deal with including optimization of high demand topics and keywords.

Demand creation is achieved through advertising, PR, digital and social media. Optimization should be approached from a perspective of wanting to know how the brand is likely to be known and deal more on the customer’s journey.

A lot of concern should be directed towards knowing how the current and target audience discover online information, their content consumption preferences, the kind of information likely to trigger them to action and find themselves at the sales funnel. If these concerns are carefully addressed with a lot of seriousness, there will be better results from content marketing.

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