Using Scarcity To Fan Flames Of Desire

Do you imagine that at some point your clients will be waiting for reasons to buy from you regardless of the agency they have for your products? How can you compel your customers to buy your products without having them waiting for bonuses and other reasons in order to buy?

Can this be achieved through creating a perfect air of scarcity and agency? In this article, we will look at how to tackle this in order to have your internet business rolling without much procrastination from your clients.

If you embrace scarcity as a marketing tool, it can give you better rewards because when what people are striving to achieve or have in their possession is taken by a different person, the heart grows fonder.

People do not embrace defeat well in life especially, a failure to meet one’s life-time target can be discomforting. When a particular must-acquire thing is out of their reach, they even become more desperate and zealous in working towards obtaining it.

Successful marketers and copywriters have realized this tool and they are employing it in their “deadline” and “limited number” tactics. Here are three points from Robert Cialdini’s book on “Influence, Science and Practice”;

i.   There is a tendency to assign more values to less available opportunities in order to maximize your chance of obtaining them.

ii.  People perceive “hard to achieve things” to be better than cheaply obtained ones.

iii.  Many people connect the inability to acquire something with being stripped off their freedom hence; they spare no effort in regaining it back to keep it.

In most cases, people end up paying so much at an auction because none of them wish to be outbid. They end up biding till some of them drop out since they can not bid what they do not have in their wallets.

The reason behind this aggressive bidding is that the auctions have been made to remind and prove to you that what you are bidding for is a scarce resource which you ought to keep at all costs.

How do you Create Desire with Scarcity?

Creating scarcity should be carefully done without being manipulative because these will make you clients feel tricked.

For instance, online marketers have learnt how to create scarcity upon introduction of the latest product by making it available at a lower price on a limited time basis.

Email lists can be a example in this because you can offer better prices to subscribers days prior to posting of your new products. This is meant to benefit your email list subscribers and act as an incentive to keep them around.

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