What Is Social Media.30 Must Ignore Social Medial Advices

Due to the increasing number of pieces of advice in the form of “best practices” from various social media experts, many marketers seeking truth and justice regarding social media marketing, have been deceived and mislead by these best practices.

This is due to the fact that many of the media experts use their limited personal experiences and strong convections which end up misleading people who need facts to help them in their businesses. Here are some of the worst 30 pieces of advices from these so called experts that you should avoid at all costs.

1.You should be on every network:

You should only focus your energies and resources on social networks generating results for your business. Through your analytics, find out the audience’s makeup in different social sites and only stick with those generating results and focus on how to reap rewards from them.

Do not fear to experiment with each new site but always let go those which seem unfruitful. There are those social sites with large audiences from diverse demographics and industries. These may be the first social sites you may start with.

2. You are supposed to focus on a particular social sites

Despite the fact that other social sites are more prominent than others, it does not mean that they are to be treated as creeds. As a marketer, you should try out multiple social marketing sites and find the perfect one for you company; the one where your clients like hanging out and focus your efforts on it.

3. No need for email

As a marker, you should understand that social media does make the use of email obsolete but it rather adds an integrated channel that strengthens email use. You should not loose sight of the fact that in signing up for social media account, you need your email address.

Another thing is that when communicating in your social media in other instances it is like communicating through your email. Are you not aware that many people prefer communicating through email?

4. Treating social media as the new SEO.

Although there is some light in this incase one is dealing with buzz words, social media can never replace SEO’s functionalities and strategy. In order to embrace this fact, we perceive it as having two marketing strategies working together to offer better results than when working individually.

Social media engagement is responsible for ranking of social media posts showing in search engines.SEO can be a nice asset in driving more people to your social posts and profile. In a nutshell, social media is an additional channel and nor a SEO replacement.

5. Automation of every update

Although social media is time consuming, automating all your updates can do more harm than good because the social media needs your personal presence in order to communicate with your followers. When one uses automated updates, this can be noted easily by your network peers and make them feel that you are only interested in them reading your posts without any real interaction and conversation with you. It is wise to automate some of the content publishing functionalities but make sure to be present to build ties with your network peers.

6. You should send an auto Direct Massage to all new followers

This habit is treated as spam by many. Instead of doing this, you can ask your followers to visit your websites. Sending this auto DM is perceived impersonal and inconsiderable; depicting your lack of etiquette.

7. You should include hashtags in tweets for more exposure.

In sometime past, hashtags were widely used in the organization of tweets. Currently, they are used with specific campaigns or events to help participants share contents related to the events/campaigns. Nevertheless, it will be a futile attempt in trying to reach more audience using hash tags with topic related contents because the organized contents do not reach new audience. When you use these general hash tags, you showcase your naivety in this game.

8. Do not social media because your prospects are not there

The first thing is to appreciate that your prospects are using social media because research which was conducted by Pew Research Center indicates that at least 69% of adults use social media.  You should be aware that there are many people out there in every site that perfectly fit your target market.

Besides wanting to communicate with both your potential and current customers, you need to be involved in social media because there are influencers and reporters who may be in need of your service as you help each other for forthcoming stories.

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9. You need be in many sites and publish more

Making appearance in multiple sites with much voluminous content is not the ultimate channel to your marketing success. Though possessing more contents result to increased social media fodder, be admonished that people require high quality contents. Because people have become seekers of more and more contents, the previous bar set for remarkable contents is increasing hence; strife to attain that remarkable mark.

10. You should save time by using a tool that auto publishes all your posts at once to all networks

As highlighted earlier, it is a bad practice to publish a single message and send it to all your social networks because it appears automated. Besides this, you should appreciate the fact that different social sites prefer different types and frequencies of contents. For instance, Facebook is compatible with multiple images while Twitter is better with frequent posting.

You will be easily busted by your customers who may be following you in all the available social sites because your automated messages will be posted at the same time. This means that you can not be successful with auto publishing of the same post across all the social media.

11. Outsourcing your social media

You should understand that social media is the greatest asset you have to communicate with your audience. They need your voice, expertise and complementary experience in your industry.

In your niche industry, you are best suited personality to discuss about the challenges and trends. If you are gambling about soiling your business, outsourcing your social medial can be the ideal deal breakers. For more information, read this post.

12. Use an intern to manage it for you

A college student lucks both the real world work experience and the right qualification to talk about your industry. This means that though you may be willing to nurture young talents into your industry, you can not trust them with those social media because this is usually the public face of your company.

13. Do not get personal

Social medial is the ideal platform to get out your personality than a website. All these are meant to help you get noticed. People fall in love with people through their personality and not images and pretty colors.

In order to make your social marketing more lovable by many people, explicitly express the personality behind your products and this will give people a feeling to always desire to be connected with you.

14. Ban your employees from using Social media

Banning your employees from using social sites is a waste of time and resources because no matter how far you may go with this obsession, they will always find their means of using these social sites. On the other hand, this soils your relationship with your employees because it portrays mistrust.

This is a great asset at your disposal because every employ has individual networks of friends and followers who can be good assets in expanding the reach of your content. The best thing you can do is offering smart user guidelines for your employees instead of banning use of social media.

15. Refrain from responding to negative comments for the sake of your products

Be prompt in answering any concern raised and if possible, explain how you are planning to handle mistakes instead of blinding your eyes on them. Know that all concerns about will be out there and anybody searching information regarding your company will find the unanswered concerns and that may spoil your reputation. To learn on how to handle negative comments, read this.

16. You must respond to every negative comment

You should be wise regarding how you select your battle. There are different types of people who may be in need of your attention. The first type include those taking advantage of your visibility to answer their nagging questions and the other category comprise of people are trolls looking for trouble. In short, you should be able to know when you can step up and when to stay cool.

17. Disable comments or delete negative comments

People will always air out their grievances on your platform or other platforms. This means that you do not have much to do regarding this because disabling comments is itself unwise and anti-social.

It is wise to let people comment on your turf because you can monitor their conversation and have a good managerial role. Besides this, responding to comments will salvage the deplorable image of your company through changing people’s minds. Deleting of people’s comments will be an alarm on your transparency. So, be careful on how you tread on this matter to avoid people hate your marketing

18. Incase a mistake is committed in the post, you can delete and rectify it

Regardless of the person behind a comment, people are always ready to take screenshots and share comments in their personal networks. This means that even if you delete the posts so that they will never be out there, it will be a futile attempt. The only sure way out of this is to be mindful of what you post.

19. You must possess a social media policy

It is time consuming to work on a social medial policy with an aim of defining what should be okay and wrong in a single channel. You should be aware that publishing frequency depends on speed hence; you can not afford to waste more time in full fledged social media policy. You only need to outline fair guidelines which are simple to commit to memory help your employees to decide on what they publish on the social media.

20. Social media is absolutely free

As a social media marketer, you can not rest on a free signing up to social media account if you are success oriented. The main functionalities of this social site include using it, publishing our content and above all engaging your customers. In order to achieve this, it takes people’s time hence you will require investing in human resources.

If you require your business to be highly effective in social media, investing in marketing analytics software is essential because they are responsible for measuring the ROI of your social media marketing and improving your strategies and tactics. In short, you need to invest in human resources if you are to be successful.

21. Social Media is all you need

As highlighted earlier, social media can not replace other marketing strategies. Social media works in conjunction with other channels to reward your marketing efforts. You need quality contents to attract followers, landing pages to help you convert your followers into leads and of course you require compelling offers. These are a few of the critical pairing you need.

22. Social media can not be measured.

Like in any other channel or tactic you should be able to measure your progress in regard to the goal at sight. This means that one ought to be working towards achieving a particular goal.

Measure the progress in regard to how near or far are you to achieve your goals. You should measure how much traffic resulted from your social media. Your social media activity should be measured against the number of customer support calls. For more information, read this article

23. The most important metric is fan/followers growing.

Although having swelling numbers of fans and followers is a nice idea, they are not worthy sustaining your business but investing in having more leads and customers is what sustains your business.

24. Engagement is the most important metric

Although engagement is crucial in determining what resonates well with your audience, it just remains a small piece in the puzzle towards greatness. You can use engagement to find out what draws traffic to your site but like the one above it can not be as an important metric as leads and customers.

25. Only publish messages concerning your company.

Stop writing about your achievement and your products because people may not be interested in your contents because have needs, challenges and problems which they need to solve. They need solutions to their problems and not a lot of information about your company. You should be valuable by adding value to your customers’ lives.

26. You must post specific number of updates daily

In determining the number of posts to make per day, you should consider the frequency and timing of your social media in relation with your audience. Results as determined by your own audience should be the only litmus towards deciding on the number of posts per day.

27. Social medial becomes super easy after successfully setting up your Twitter/Facebook/Blog account.

After getting a social media account set up, you are indebted to work hard in order to realize success from it. It takes hard work and effort to be successful in social media marketing. You have to find leads and then customers so, having an account is a preliminary stage towards social media marketing.

28. No strategy is needed in for social media

You should work with a strategy in order to specifically point out your goals pertaining your social media and plan in how to achieve them. Among the issues you should be concerned about include being in possession of the required content to support publishing and knowing whom you need to work with in order to achieve your goals. In short, you need a clear plan on how you will achieve your goals and how to measure it is important.

29. Possess separate social media accounts for distinct company divisions.

Instead of owning multiple corporate social media accounts in your company, you should contemplate unifying your efforts on your market targets and have a single account on the preferred social networks for faster results.

This will also unite your social reach. In addressing multiple divisions you should have contents from all the divisions in order to attract every relevant and interested audience.

30. Do not ask people to follow, retweet or comment

Though it may seem unlikely, it pays when you out rightly call people to action in social media. Asking people who are reading your contents, tweets and blog articles to share what they have read is not that distasteful that people should avoid doing. You will be surprised to know that a lot of social activity is generated through this call to action attempts. From research, those requesting their followers to retweet, leads to higher retweet

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