What is the Difference between a Blog, Website, CMS and Website Builders?

People have used these terms liberally till many have been left wondering whether there exists a difference between the four. In order to understand them better, here is there definition according to Wikipedia.

  1. A Content Management System (CMS) can be described as a computer application responsiblefor creating, editing, managing, searching and publish different kinds of electronic texts and digital media.
  2. A Blog (weblog) can be described as a type of an individually maintained website. The task of maintaining a blog entails proving materials like graphics, videos, regular commentaries and description of events. Another aspect about a blog is that its entries must be following a reverse-chronological sequence. “Blog” can be used as a verb to describe the task of adding contents to a blog.
  3. A Website (Web site) can be described in simple language as a collection of related digital assets including web pages, videos and images among others hosted by a single web server with internet access.
  4. Website builder: On-line copyrighted tools used by novice in building and publishing of websites without having to learn the web page production techniques.  These tools are made available by web hosting companies to people with desire to build websites but lack the required skills.

In simple terms, a website is a collection of pages. A blog is a website whose pages and posts run on a content management system.

Finally, a website builder runs on a CMS. If “Content Management System” is preventing you from understanding the difference, perceive it as what encapsulates the storage, management and publishing of your content.

The major difference between a blog and a website is that posts in a blog are displayed with the latest posts being shown at the top of the page; reverse chronological order while pages in a website are shown according to the webmaster’s preference in setting up his/her navigation.

If you have understood that, then another thing you must understand is that you can choose to have pages in your blog and determine the order in which they should be shown just like in static websites.

Another remarkable difference between the two is that unlike websites, blogs provide interaction through blog post commenting.

This means that you have the capability to freely interact with visitors to your blog and determine whether to allow or disallow comments on particular pages and posts from your visitors.

Blogging receives a major boast in building audience through this interaction hence proving better than websites in audience building. This leaves us with a tough choice to make between blogging and website builder.

Decide what to use between website builder and blogging.

Whenever faced with this challenge, you should consider choosing the one which will cost less and perceived ease of use. If you are after saving time and money, you can easily acquire your own hosting and within 2 minutes install your blog.

A beautiful blog is built through the use of appealing themes and made a fully featured blog by plugins. Lastly, your blog will require you to use autoresponder forms. Installing and hosting process has been made so easy so that you can do it yourself without getting stuck but incase you get stuck, you can seek for help from available resources like online forums or getting someone to help you out.

For those willing to go through all this to have a working blog, they can pay for solutions pertaining installations of both a blog and template besides hosting. You can access these tools through Website builder.

You must be patient and keen when dealing with website builder because it has a long list of features. Some services like autoresponder are packaged while others have datafeed integration but lack autoresponder service.

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