What To Consider When Setting Up Automated Email Workflows

You may be facing a serious drawback in your marketing database if your contacts are not “going with the flow”. This is owing to the fact that, your current automated email sequence does not have any activated workflow. Without a set up workflow means that you are loosing the opportunities to nurture the chunks of people in the marketing database.

A report by Lenskold and he Pedowitz concludes that; 60% of the respondents using market automation, realized an increase in leads with increased quality that turned into sales. In order to achieve better results, you require setting up email workflows.

Apart from  Lead nurturing emails, there are other important email workflows that you can rely upon to better your marketing database and make it more powerful.

How to Set up Email Workflows

In order to set up an email workflow, you need a marketing automation tool. The set of instructions from the software provider should be carefully understood to determine the capability and set up functionality of particular email workflows.

Depending on the information you possess concerning your marketing database, an email workflow can be set up. Some of the important information you may consider using include downloads, page views, contact properties, social media clicks, clicks or any combination of the above.

Here below are some of the automated email workflows that you may set up to reclaim the power of contact database.

        i.   Topic Workflow

The major trigger behind this email workflow is Content Offer Download. A workflow is created for every industry related topic around which you build your content.  Bucketing lead generation offers depend on your major content creation topics upon which a workflow is created on every topic. After achieving, an appropriate work flow is triggered when your contacts downloads an offer.

      ii.   Engaged Contacts Workflow

The main triggers associated with this workflow include; Form submission, visits and clicks. By use of the appropriate trigger criteria like visits to your website, submission forms, clicks on your posts and emails; create a Smart List responsible in pulling contacts engaged to you.

In order to encourage the sharing of your top contents across social Medias, an email workflow should be created to leverage your list. You will enjoy an advantage of having contacts who are already engaged with you sharing your contents over the social medial because they have a personal connection with you.

It is essential to have social medial influencers who will help in adding of tweeter followers to your list.

    iii.  ‘Upgrading to the opportunity’ Workflow.

The major triggers for this workflow include: multiple top of the funnel submission. If you have your leads downloading many of your top offers which may include webinars and eBooks, it signifies their readiness for more.

In this case, creating a workflow to help in advancing the available leads via the sales funnel will be essential. Incase they turn to be leads, contemplating sending them emails meant to trigger behaviors likely to upgrade them to the “opportunity” in your sale should be thought of.

     iv.  Sales-Ready Leads Workflow

The main trigger for this workflow is the MQL Conversion Events. This workflow is important in nurturing a Smart List of Contacts compromising the “opportunity” lifecycle stage into sales-ready leads. This workflow includes what your conversion report finds influential in the conversion of leads to customers.

       v.  Re-Engagement Workflow

The main trigger for this workflow is the inactive leads. This means that the workflow’s aim is the reawakening of the inactive leads. A successful trick used is the sending of exclusive offers or a coupon specially oriented for this segment to try and arouse your customers’ interests about your company. In order to learn more pertaining setting up a re-engagement email campaign, click here.

     vi.  Event Workflow

The main trigger for this workflow is registration and attendance. This workflow meant to benefit those interested in hosting a live event in person or any online event. It is helpful in automating communications with registrants and other post-event communications.

For instance, you may be willing to pass critical information regarding the venue, speakers and any other important information relevant to the event. Likewise also, after the event you may wish to inform your attendees where to get access to other contents.

  vii.   Abandoned Shopping Cart Workflow

The main trigger for the Abandoned Shopping Cart Workflow includes shopping cart abandonment. This workflow is essential to ecommerce Business owners because if a customer adds item to your cart but because of unknown reasons leaves the site without purchasing the items, you can use this workflow to remind them of the forgot purchases.

Besides this, the business owner can make a Smart List of regular and loyal customers with the list of items they have purchased in the past and if they happen to leave items not purchased in their cart, a workflow may be created to remind each one of the, regarding the specific items they have left in their carts.

 viii.   New Customer Welcome/Training Workflow

The main trigger for the workflow is the lifecycle stage of the leads. It is meant to help business owners to send a welcome note when the lifecycle of lead is updated to “customer”.

This is important in building a better relationship with customers besides engaging customers even after the purchasing of your products/services. Finally, you may be offering products or services which may be requiring training before use. These workflows will be important in offering the training.

    ix.  Upsell Workflow

Its main trigger is past purchase because; it is still essential to maintain communication with your customers even after purchases are made. This workflow is important to those selling different products in which others are meant to complement others.

After customers buy from you, you can upsell them other complimentary services or products depending on what they had purchased earlier on.  This is accomplished by creating a Smart List of both products and clients purchasing your products and creating a workflow to recommend other complementary products and services to them.

      x.  Customer Happiness Workflow

Its major trigger is the low or high NPS score. Customers’ Net Promoter Scores is a critical tool for triggering a workflow used in administering regular Net promoter surveys regarding your customer base. Its main aim is to establish the ideal number of customers who are satisfied by finding their ideal happiness score.

This is later used in creating the Smart List of happy and satisfied customers. Those customers with “happy” score are given exclusive offers and contents through a triggered workflow.

On the other hand, a different workflow is triggered to help those with “unhappy” score to raise their score. You may be lucky to know the specific reasons leading to the “unhappy” customers, special workflows targeted to help them tackle the challenges.

    xi.  Customer services/Engagement Workflow

This workflow focuses on success metrics and feature usage. This is essential to those fond of tracking customers’ success metrics in order to use them as their arsenal towards Customer case studies. After meeting certain customer success metrics, you may decide to send automatic emails to your customers seeking them to be part of the success story.

Besides this, you can create a workflow to benefit customers who seem to leave other features in your database unutilized. The workflow should contain important training on how they can learn to utilize the unutilized features of the database.

  xii.  Upcoming Purchase Reminder Workflow

This is triggered by those people purchasing on a cycle. Your database contacts should comprise of customers who purchase on a cycle. With this you can create a workflow that is triggered when they make their purchases.

This means that if you have clients who purchase their products after a specific period of time, you will be sending an email to remind them of their purchases prior to that time.

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