Why Failing Before Succeeding Is Good Sometimes And How To Get Going

Failure itself is devastating and none likes to be associated with failures but; in freelancing, you need to fail before you succeed.

I am not recommending those who have failed but, sometimes the experience that comes with failing is essential in helping you wake up and take a different approach in freelancing hence; giving the success you need.

After failing, you are supposed to learn from your past mistakes and work against them to achieve the best out of yourself. If you get yourself in this situation, just know that you have acquired a prerequisite to greatness.

Here is how to reap success from your failure:

        i.  Acknowledge that you have indeed failed

Do not pretend that things are normal after such a devastating occurrence. It is normal to be disappointed and you are free to express your anger when in pain.

The natural emotional reaction after failing should be nursed carefully to avoid any damage to the already wounded freelancing career.

Take your time before acting upon your failure because decisions made out of pain may not reflect your future interest and desire.

You are not the first freelancer to commit a mistake hence, find somebody who can understand what you are going through to help you out.

You may resort to physical activities like going to gym afterwards before thinking straight on your next move.

      ii. Damage control

After you have nursed you emotional pain and you feel calm enough to rectify the situation, you may immerse your brain into making necessary amends. If it was all your fault, try your best to fix it.

For instance if you lost a client or an partner because of your mistakes, it is time to make it up to him/her.

The first thing you should do is contacting him/her and takes off your pride to offer a heartfelt apology. This is a hard task but your sincerity and meekness may pay of. The next step will be offering to fix the mistake by either refunding your client or redoing the project.

    iii. Critically analyze the reason for the failure

After fixing the problem, you do not jump back and continue as if nothing happed. Pull out you analytical instruments and perform a serious project post-mortem to determine the reason for your failure.

These are some of areas you may want to consider in determining what must have gone wrong:

  • Was it all about a miscommunication between you and your client? If yes; where did it start?
  • Was the project given enough time and seriousness the it required?
  • Did you possess the right skills, knowledge and experience to do that project or you wanted to surprise yourself?
  • In terms of tools, how equipped were you?

If you are lucky to be in good relationship after the damage control, you need to get your client’s viewpoint concerning what went wrong.

This will enable you to make an informed conclusion about what had transpired without being biased.

After you are convinced that you have enough information on what happened, it is high time for you to resolve into making new processes and habits that will make you better in order to avoid similar mistakes.

This is usually the turning point in your freelancing experience as you apply your new habits and processes into use for success.

Some of the process you may implement include:

  • Putting project descriptions in writing
  • Learning new skills from available training classes
  • Equipping yourself with additional freelancing tools
  • Having clients reviewing projects at critical stages

Depending on the cause behind your failure, take most appropriate remedial steps to get going.

iv.  Do not shy from seeking advice

In some cases, the mistakes committed may be far beyond our sphere of solving. Do not keep it to yourself because there are many out there who may be able to help you.

In this instance, a freelancing mentor or a strong peer network will be great. Furthermore, you can find blogs, forums and other online resources where you can benefit from tips and advices on how to go past your obstacle.

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