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Many people are contemplating working from home; writing articles thinking that it is the quickest and cheapest way to earn money.

How luring is it working without pressure from your boss, making your own decisions, working within your time-frame and looking after your young ones among many others? The fact is that, it is not an easy task to find a job writing articles.

Many will dispute this claim because when doing a Google search for work-at-home writing jobs, you will find out that there are very many hits suggesting that there are plenty of opportunities of work.

Little do you know that most of professionally looking sites with very cheap and quick sign ups are either scams or pay very little for your services.

Be careful of Scam sites

Most of the Adsense revenue sites are scam sites. These sites provide an opportunity for you to write about anything you find interesting to write about. After matching your content with a relevant website, you earn a percentage of the advertising revenue.

Though it requires a lot of work, it earns at the end of the day. In order to earn more, you should be well versed with Search Engine Optimization techniques and make sure your contents possess the correct keyword percentage.

You can look out for the free keyword analyzer from Google to make sure that your content is found by search engines in order to be paid.

Over time, the sites posting your content will end up paying you some amount of money over a period of a month depending on the agreement reached between you and them.

 Be careful of credit card scammers

As highlighted above, there are many professionally looking sites which are easy to sign up and start writing articles for them.

Soon you get a pop message offering you an enticing discount to join a membership club with as little as $2.95 which is followed by a simple box with a message that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions.

You quickly tick and you continue only to realize that those terms and conditions gave them a loop-hole for taking some amount from you once they are in possession of your credit card details.

Some people cancel when they learn of these scams while others feel obligated to engage the “helpline” number.

Dependable Opportunities

        i.    Craigs List:

If you desire to work from home, Craig List has multiple job opportunities and you will need to register to this site to start utilizing the available opportunities.

Select your site, go down to jobs and select writing/editing; from which you will be required to select particular jobs you may be interested in from the available areas. Use the email at the top of the page and be careful of scams as you email.

Though it may be time consuming in trying to find a job that interests you from town to town, it is worth your attention.

      ii.  Associated Content:

If you have been contemplating about working from home and find a reliable site that will not only give you job opportunities but better pay, you should sign up to this site for free and enjoy upfront payment ranging from $1 to $20 depending on the content submitted.

Although this is good news, you should be aware that upfront payments apply to only those within the U.S.A. Earn an average payment of $5 by submitting quality content in form of audio, slide show or any other acceptable formats.

If your content will be spicy enough to generate 1000 views, you will receive performance payment of $1.50. In short, this site has a lot for those willing to work hard to provide quality. Take your time to read their FAQ and other articles related to helping a newbie.

    iii.   Elance:

This site seeks professional freelancer and writing is one of the skills required by buyers. You may join it right now by signing up to a free membership which may prove hard  to start with or get hold of an individual or business membership which will give you an advantage of being ranked higher when buyers will be searching for writers.

Another option can be optimizing your page and taking the skill tests to display your ability to buyers. After a buyer posts a job with its specification and requirements, you are supposed to use a “connect” from your membership and apply for the job.

If the buyer gives you the job, you will go to the “workroom” where private messages regarding the jobs will be shared. Before bidding for a project, take time to find out how many projects the buyer has posted and how many he/she has accepted.

This will help you to evaluate whether you have a good chance with your buyer. You should also look at his/her feedback to have a rough idea of the kind of person you will be dealing with. After you have submitted your bid, you should be aware that your accumulative earning for 6 months, your feedback and your lifetime earnings are displayed to the buyer.

Your earnings will be availed to you through Escrow and you will be at liberty to transfer it to either your account or PayPal. You should be aware that Elance will have a cut out on you bid.

You should be patient and hard working if you need to succeed in Elance. There is a lot of competition hence you should prove yourself the best to be hired.  Likewise also, you can try Guru, GetAFreelancer and IFreelancer for more opportunity.

In a nutshell, writing jobs require you to be hard working; comprehensively filling you profile and avoid spelling and other common errors.

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